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  1. rick martin

    They say Kiotis are hard on the Deere...

    Here's a couple European mounts I had done. I didn't think they were big enough for a shoulder mounts. I still think they're pretty cool...
  2. rick martin

    Turkey pics!!

  3. rick martin


    Right back at ya!!!!
  4. rick martin

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. If you've never had smoked Turkey you should give a shot, its ridiculously awsome!!!
  5. rick martin

    Happy 12th Anniversary Red Square!

  6. rick martin

    C 120 with side car??

    No pedal car steering wheel, there is a different tractor in the background.
  7. rick martin

    Made a front weight

    Nice job!!!!
  8. rick martin

    C 120 with side car??

    Now that you say something, it looks like it might have a old pedal car steering wheel.
  9. rick martin

    C 120 with side car??

    Bring that bad boy to Wisconsin and we'll fill it full of beer and ice, then throw some bratwurst on the grill and have a good ole time!!!
  10. rick martin

    Some fun in the forest today

    Man I thought I had issues. Looks like me yesterday. I'm just not smart enough to post a video on a forum....
  11. rick martin

    Check this out

    I believe it has a k335-1 Kohler 2 cycle in it.
  12. rick martin

    Check this out

    Didn't even know these existed. I was searching the web for some parts for my B100 and this popped up. Dude wants 6 Bill's for it. He only lives 100 miles from me, maybe I'll go check it out.
  13. rick martin

    new member

    Good to see all you people are as crazy as me....ordered a carb rebuild kit already and I'll be tearing into the B80 aa soon as I get it. Never tried the seafoam deal but maybe I'll give it a shot. I've been using ethanol treatment that I use in my outboard but maybe seafoam is better. Here is my B80, B100 is in the middle of a rebuild and paint job. I'll post some B100 pics as soon as its complete.
  14. rick martin

    new member

    hello everyone newbie here just wanted to say hello plus a couple questions. First off I'm a proud owner of a 1976 B100 8-speed and a 1975 B80 4-speed. fell in love with wheel horse tractors the first time I seen my neighbor plowing his driveway with a B100, by the way that B100 that my neighbor was using is now mine.The B80 has what I believe is a 36" rear discharge deck. Can anyone tell me what the deck model number is or where i can find it on the deck itself.I also have a k301 12hp kohler and was wondering if it would fit in the B80 without any mods. The B80 has recently started running kinda boggy and dies out. It don't matter if the pto is engaged or not. the choke adjustment has always been very sensitive but now its hard to keep running sometimes. Any suggestions were to start would be helpful. I was thinking maybe just trying to clean the carb first. thanks in advance