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  1. Moostang

    Restore or not

    Wow that was some fast replies! Thanks! I did find the manuals on this site. I guess I didn’t word my question right in that I didn’t know which manuals for my transmission. With what was shared it was easy to get straightened out. Thanks again! This is a great resource!
  2. Moostang

    Restore or not

    I was wondering if the seat back was original. I don’t see many with them.
  3. Moostang

    Restore or not

    Thanks everyone for your input, I appreciate it. I was leaning towards keeping the original patina and I think that’s what I’ll do after hearing everyone’s comments. I would like to be able to use it. I did notice it leaks a little oil out of the axle shaft seal and a few times it pops out of gear (2nd I think). Seems to be a lot of information on this site if someone could point me in the direction for manuals and parts it would be appreciated. Also is there a snow blower attachment for mine? I know there are plows for it. I was thinking it would be a good way to get some use out of it.
  4. Moostang

    Restore or not

    Hello everyone, I’m new to this forum. I inherited a 1960 suburban that my great uncle bought new. It was passed to my dad in the 70’s and was the first thing I ever drove. We used it mostly to to pull a trailer around the yard and I don’t remember the deck ever being on it. Dad parked it in the shed in the 80’s where it sat for years until the shed needed to be removed, then it moved to my shed. Last year I decided to to get it running. I replaced the rubber parts in the fuel system and cleaned the points and it fired right up. Compression was low so I resurfaced the valves and it’s pretty good now. I just don’t know if I should restore it or not. It looks ruff but is mostly original. One front tire was changed (probably in the 70’s) and the recoil is a Clinton that my grandfather probably put on. Any opinions on restoring or not?