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  1. Gotta love the flower power hood ornament.
  2. Well as it turned out it was the wrong mount. PFREDERI was right on with his photos. I passed on the set up even though it is a good deal. Thanks to everyone for the help.
  3. D_Mac

    New forum user here

    I agree with everyone who says leave looking as is and going through and getting mechanically sound. Welcome to the Square and keep us posted.
  4. Great photos explaining what I need. Thank You. I asked the seller for more pictures. Those are the chains for the tires that are covering the mount in the sellers photos. Like I said I have a 10 hp Husqvarna that I use. I would rather have a blade for the 308-8 but I have not stumbled across one yet. I would imagine I would need the same type of mount for a blade as I would for the snow blower.
  5. Chance to buy this single stage snow blower attachment but not sure if it would fit my 308-8 or not. The owner dosnt know the model number but says it is close to a 6-211 or st4201 but he can not be sure. He said it was mounted on a 1971 Raider 12. That and these photos is all I have to go by. Lets say it would fit my 1986 308-8. Does the Magnum 8 pack enough ponies to make it all worth it? Upstate NY we get our fair share of snow. I already have a beast of a snow blower that gets the job done. I can buy the attachment for 100 bucks. Value any of your thoughts on the matter. Thanks
  6. D_Mac

    My first horse! C-100

    Welcome to the club. Wont be long now until you get your second one !
  7. D_Mac

    Restore or not

    Well I too like them original. Like they say in the motorcycle community is ... " paint and chrome dont get you home". I would spend the time and money on mechanics. Welcome to Red Square
  8. D_Mac

    New and looking for help

    Wow nice collection you have there! I still see some empty space where this little Skiff can slip right in. You can always tell the wife that you got this one for her < wink wink nudge nudge>. I spoke with the fella at A-Z he thinks he might have a tranny off an A50. He is going to call me back. My offer stands though, if you wanted to make the trip and take it home < for your wife of course> Im willing to part with it. If I repair it Im not so sure. I will add it to my collection of 1 making it 2..lol Hey you gotta start somewhere. I bet at one time you just had 2 in that garage of yours. Sad thing is my garage is so small 2 is 1 to many. Whats even sadder is that I live in the city have no use for either one I mow my lawn with a dare I say.......a push mower. I bought the 308-8 because it was in such nice original shape and my buddy was always telling me how great Wheel Horses are. Well now I know why. I also now why they say you cant stop at one. They are like tattoos. You get your first one and you want another. Here is a photo of my 308. Runs great. Only thing I cant figure out is when I engage the blades the belt wobbles like crazy. dosnt come off but wobbles a lot. Tightened and untightened the mule and no help. Mine isnt as shiney as yours, needs a good cleaning can I ask what you use on them . What kind of degreaser.... wax.... what do you use on the tires... etc
  9. D_Mac

    New and looking for help

    I did not know that about the year and horse power in the model number. I thought you wanted to come pick up mine and park it in your garage ! Looks like there is plenty of room there for another one. I am on the fence as to what to do with it. I know I personally wont be able to repair it. I have a very good friend who is willing to crack it open to see what he can see. With my limited knowledge and experience maybe I should pass it on to someone else before I make matters worse. As you can tell from the photos it is in excellent condition. Original paint, tires, and seat. Fires right up after one or two pulls. When I get a chance im going to pick up a dolly to set it on so I can at least roll it around the garage floor. I would love to find a working transmission from someone and swap them out. In the mean time it still looks cool just sitting there but ..... Horses are meant to run!!
  10. D_Mac

    1986 312-8 pto belt coming off

    I have a question. I have a 308-8. My belt dosnt come off but it wobbles pretty good when engaged. Making the belt tighter or looser dosnt seem to help. Belt is brand new. Is that normal ?
  11. D_Mac

    New and looking for help

    Well if you are in the area Don it could happen. But I am afraid thats all mine is good for is being parked ! Sad to because when I took it form the guys barn it ran and drove fine. I loaded it on the truck stopped by a friends house to show him my great find. We took it off the truck my friend got on it and drove it like 50 yards an it stopped. Engine still runs great, it looks great, it just dosnt move so great. I have another friend who is willing to take it apart over this winter and see what he can find it is at his garage now. Like i said its in to nice shape not to fix but I could see it parked next to yours as well. Yours is a little differant is it an RR47?
  12. D_Mac

    Rugged Horse

    Well as they say in the motorcycle community .... " Paint and chrome don't get you home"
  13. D_Mac

    Barn Find 1965 REO RR65

    Fresh out of the barn, not even cleaned up yet. Was running and driving but needs a little transmission work. Hope to have it repaired soon.
  14. D_Mac

    REO RR65 Transmission

    Looking for a working transmission for a 1965 REO Rear Engine rider. To good not to fix. Let me know what you have.
  15. D_Mac

    New and looking for help

    I am not sure as to what else uses the same transmission. I believe its 5050 or 5056. Maybe someone else knows?