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  1. Before the introduction of the SAE ( Society of Automotive Engineering ) parts were hand made in other words if you needed a water pump it had to be specially fitted to your particular engine. The SAE set standards, you could now buy a water pump off the shelf or pick one off a donor knowing that it would be a straight over swap. Exchanging one hydro for another without making the proper shim correction you could end up with an improper backlash with the pinion drive gear being to tight of loose. Ending up with premature wear. Using the numbers stamped into the transaxle and hydro the chart below tells me that I'll need an 0.45" shim or a combination of shims.
  2. The small pucks labeled as number ( 4 ) are used to make adjustments, Implement ports.
  3. Hydro is completed and ready to install.
  4. For assembly find something that will hold and support the hydro in an upright position.
  5. Clamping the input shaft to remove pinion gear, replace bearing part number NACHI 6304, don't forget to remove the dust seals. Housing is in the oven warming up, bearing and input shaft in the freezer, the bore in the housing is machined for a shrink fit.
  6. Lots of grit. If the thrust washer looks as bad as this one you can flip it over for a fresh side. This is the motor end, the fixed swash plate comes in various degrees of angle, steeper the grade more piston travel = speed. Less angle would give your tractor more pulling or pushing power but less top end for speed.
  7. Chart numbers listed on the left would be found on the tag attached to the hydrostatic collar numbers stamped into the case are at the top of the scale. The shims go between the bearing and the backside of the pinion gear, the shims make corrections for gear backlash. Installing a different hydro from the original may require that you install the hydro then measure the tooth pattern and backlash. May require several tries before you get it right.
  8. bcgold

    Trading Post aka Landfill

    Nice platinum crystals from one of my experiments.
  9. Gold ions in the water are attracted to rocks with iron, the source of the gold can be traced by taking samples of water leaching into the banks of the river.
  10. bcgold

    Trading Post aka Landfill

    No clue what passed through any of the fittings or what was in the tank, the most hazardous chemical found on the prairies is roundup and its claimed that it breaks down over time. The fittings will be used for the oil cleaning, Mr; Lister won't mind, and the tank t build a distillation unit for a bit of essential oils that I need for a floatation cell. The heat from the steam used to distill the oils will probably degrade any chemical residue if any is present in short order, the oils from the still will not be used for aromatic therapy.
  11. bcgold

    Solenoid questions

    If your starter looks similar, some part numbers upper right hand corner. use the part numbers to source your solenoid. It appears your Kohler engine as shipped from the factory had a Denso starter, the one pictured below is probably a Chinese clone.
  12. bcgold

    Trading Post aka Landfill

    Vern's Ag for a couple of pipe crops, these are made from AR ( abrasive resistant ) plate and will be used to make a couple of centrifuges, one for cleaning waste veggie oil. To make clean fuel for the Lister generator. A second one for prospecting. The spindles that these completed bowels will be mounted on came from a commercial grade mower.
  13. bcgold

    Trading Post aka Landfill

    Not sure what the white things are but decided to grab them for the cam lock fittings and the hose clamps and other fittings..
  14. After stopping at Vern's Ag and the library to pick up a few books we visited the landfill. This stainless steel tank with a working pressure of 130 psi will make the perfect still for my essential oil project. It even has a place for a heating element near the bottom of the tank. Nice and clean inside.
  15. Using the pressure gauge.