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  1. One of the local landfill custodians made these large wreaths from discarded Walmart Christmas trees many of which now adorn the Village of Sandy Lake, Manitoba during the festive season. Seasons Greeting from sunny Manitoba.
  2. bcgold

    Painting the inside of a tranny

    The Glyptal 1201 is a red, alkyd resin enamel paint that comes in a 1 gal pail. The general purpose paint can be thinned for spray applications and works well as a sealer for screws, pipes, and hydraulic fluid chambers Glyptal 1201 Features: Resin Type: Alkyd Enamel Color: Red Primary Color: Red Finish: Low Gloss Dry Time: 2h Application Method: Brush, Spray, Dip Container Type: Pail Container Size: 1gal Resistance Properties: Water Resistant, Heat Resistant, Arc Resistant, Chemical Resistant Quick-Drying (Yes/No): Yes VOCs Content: 3.98lb/gal Applications: Treatment of Coils And Armatures, Internal Coatings for Engines, General Plant Maintenance, Primer and Finish for Motor, Generator and Transfer Housings, Anti-Moisture Coating on Thermostat, Water Cooler, and Truck Control Parts, Sealer for Pipe and Stud Glyptal 1201 Specifications: Meets requirements of MIL-E-22118 Flexibility is far superior to competitive red sealers on both backed and air-dried films. 1201 can take rugged impact Water Resistance is excellent Prolonged aging doesn't crack 1201's film, leaves no place for destructive agents to get in Fast drying 1201 is tack-free in about 30 minutes at room temperature, can be baked to a beautiful smooth finish Heat Resistance. 1201 has got it, can withstand continuous 135°C temperature for months Prolonged Heat. After 3700 hours at 35°C, there is no change in dielectric strength Toughness. High-gloss paints have a tender film. 1201 has a low-gloss finish, designed for great resistance to abrasion Adhesion. 1201 hangs on, stays where it's put-on metals, ceramic, porcelain, concrete, fibers and wood Dielectric strength is rated at 1500 volts per mil, permits thinner coating than most competitive paints Arc Resistance, even with air-dried films, is 480 seconds
  3. bcgold

    Senior Moment

    Bearings and seals all cross over to after market from name brand manufactures, the only Sundstrand item purchased was the gasket set. Then as luck would have it the pump and motor cylinder blocks from the Sundstrand "U" series will interchange with the inline series, these hard parts from a Cub Cadet brought home from the landfill these parts were used after measuring them against the spec sheet below. Cylinder blocks and valve plates were hand lapped to a mirror finish. PowerMax hydrostatic manual.pdf
  4. bcgold

    Other brand pictures.

    Allis 720 with Arc loader as she arrives from Alberta. Snow thrower to the left is attached to a Simplicity 9020.
  5. bcgold

    What Size Lathe to Buy? What do You have?

    Chinese metal laths have such poor castings that on close inspection you'll find LARGE imperfections filled in with body filler before their painted. Taiwan used to export some decent lathes and mills. I sold my offshore lathe and wpuld never purchase another, a thirty year or older English or American would be money well spent.
  6. bcgold

    Senior Moment

    Sundstrand inline series used on the Allis 720 and its Simplicity sister model the 9020 does not have a tow valve, the Cub Cadet "U" series Sundstrand from which I robbed parts from does have the tow valves. Cub Cadet came from the landfill and the custodian helped me load it, even without an engine or tires it was a struggle to load. Allis 720 with an Arc front end loader from Alberta paid $500.00 and the seller delivered it to Manitoba for another $600.00, gasket set for the hydro new seals and bearings throughout. Pages from the rebuild manual printed out then stapled to the shop wall and had done everything by the book so when the hydro refused to work I was to say the least very somewhat mystified as to what I may have done wrong on the assembly. The Hydro on my Simplicity 9020 is weak both on the charge pump and the motor end so it needs a complete overhaul with perhaps even replacing some of the hard parts. When I pressure tested the charge pump was getting under 300 psi, I'm hoping the gear set from the charge is not to badly worn and that I may be able to lap the surfaces with diamond grit with out taking off to much material which would have a negative affect on the case hardening. As for other hard parts I know of another Cub Cadet nearby that I could purchase, have to first confirm that it is hydro driven.
  7. bcgold

    Painting the inside of a tranny

    Foundry castings are shaken out to remove core sand, quality castings are painted to trap small particles of sand that may dislodge at a later date. Most name brand manufactures require the inside of a casting be painted, not sure what they use but its definitely not your off the shelf paint found at Marshall Wells.
  8. bcgold

    Senior Moment

    I hate posting to this thread, especially when an incident I'm reporting on involves me. Last fall I rebuilt the Sundstrand hydro from my Allis Chalmers 720 which previous owner had towed destroying the pistons on the motor end, I salvaged replacement parts from a Cub Cadet the "U" style hydro that uses the same piston and motor blocks. Expected air to be an issue but then you do not have a fluid bench the next best thing is to install the hydro which is what I did, then bleeding the implement and other ports while turning the engine over on the starter. The tractor is hanging off a chain hoist with both rear wheels removed and I watching for a hub to turn, after many repeated bleeds nothing is happening as it should so I'm thinking that I'll have to remove the hydro and go back through it with a fine tooth comb. A project scheduled for warmer weather so it has not been a priority. Now for the senior moment, tractor not only has hydro but three speed manual transmission and the darn thing was in neutral and this is why the hubs weren't turning. Procrastinating on removing the hydro paid off in spades
  9. bcgold

    520H Onan dies when warm

    From the symptoms your describing, I'm placing my bet that the insulation inside the coil has deteriorated with age or possibly using a coil with out a ballast. Most modern ignition coils have an internal ballast. From the engine manual find out how many ohms are specified then from the instructions given and a cheap ohm meter check your coil to see if its within spec. Also you could remove the high tension wire from a spark plug then observe the color of the spark any thing other than lightning blue change the condenser. While you have the points cover removed check to see if the points move freely and that the face of the contacts align properly with each other.
  10. Bench testing for CFM flow, will give you data on how many cubic feet of air your engine is capable of passing through unobstructed and this will determine the largest venturi that your able to use. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swGOAAQmmVU&feature=youtu.be
  11. Wonder if the op is going with an updraft, side draft or possibly downdraft carburetors, Weber certainly makes some neat side and downdrafts. I believe Tillotson was the fist to manufacture a multi position diaphragm carburetor. https://tillotson.ie/about-us/ We are experts in innovative fuel systems and high performance small engine operation. Founded as The Tillotson Mfg. Co. in 1914 in Toledo, Ohio, we first manufactured float carburetors for the burgeoning automotive industry. We grew along with the automotive industry, becoming one of the best-known carburetor manufacturers. In the late 1940’s, we revolutionized the handheld engine industry with the first diaphragm carburetors. The innovative diaphragm allowed the carburetor — and thus the engine — to operate in any position and led to the creation an entirely new market segment in the lawn and garden industry. Modern chainsaws, brush cutters, trimmers and leaf blowers still rely on our technology today. Beginning in the mid-1990’s, we focused our innovations on professional and specialty diaphragm carburetors. We created the first double barrel carburetor for the stratified charge (airhead) engine, which enables engine manufacturers to meet the stringent EPA standards in the US and Europe. We also developed and licensed the high-performance split carburetor for those stratified charge engines which are currently used by engine manufacturers such as Stihl and Husqvarna. In 2007, we introduced the HW series carburetors for use in high performance racing and expanded the line to include HX, HM, HC and HB carburetors. These carburetors are among the most highly engineered carburetors in the world. Most recently, we have introduced another revolutionary fuel system — the TillotsonTCT — a form of mechanical fuel injection which enables engines to achieve up to 40% reductions in emissions while at the same providing more power, more torque and more stable engine operation, and we’ve brought our brand of high quality carburetors and components to the consumer market. Our Tillotson Power Products line of portable electric generators, vertical shaft engines and chainsaws offers a growing range of portable products that provide reliable power when you need it most. And through our Tillotson Xchange catalog, we offer consumers the ability to buy Tillotson brand replacement parts for their non-Tillotson carburetors, all at an affordable price. Our innovative technologies and OE quality make us the carburetor of choice for long life, reliability and performance. We offer worldwide support and flexible manufacturing alternatives through our manufacturing and support facilities in Ireland, the United States, China and Argentina.
  12. Those Pontiac SOHC straights six's with the four barrel were awesome engines.
  13. I believe kinetic energy stored in the rotating flywheel will smooth things out.
  14. bcgold

    Military Members

    Can you make sense of this< https://twitter.com/IncarnatedET
  15. bcgold

    Trading Post aka Landfill

    On our way back home stopped in at the farm leaving the boys a bit of Christmas cheer, 3000 ml bottle of Appleton Rum. Richard one pf the brothers was there installing snow tracks onto a Jeep getting it ready for some ice fishing.