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  1. Looks like a Horse Paradise!
  2. i didnt have to paint it thankfully, just alot of time with a buffer and compound, i caught her right before the rust took over, and the paint to use on these is Rustoleum Regal Red
  3. gsemeraro8

    Happy Birthday Tankman

    Happy Birthday Sir!!!!
  4. gsemeraro8


    thats a beast!
  5. gsemeraro8


    Agreed, top of the line and stellar customer service!
  6. gsemeraro8

    The Iron Demon...

    And would also mean that there are non wheelhorse parts hidden inside!
  7. gsemeraro8

    The Iron Demon...

    why didnt i think of that?!
  8. gsemeraro8

    The Iron Demon...

    she gets a daily test drive around my property, and ill have to wash and wax it every time it plows
  9. gsemeraro8

    Muffler prototype test

    It looks amazing, way better and much higher quality then stock from the pictures, i would definitely purchase one for a restoration or replacement
  10. Thanks! Now i dont want to plow with it
  11. Thank you! Ill be on craigslist all night
  12. gsemeraro8

    Its Time Show Me Your Stacks!!!

    One of Jim Kemps setups, 1” pipe to the head...easy install once i got the little manifold off
  13. Finally finished, with a better background now...maybe a calendar shot? Who knowssss... its been a fun project and now i have to find another one to start on!