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  1. KyleLengerich


    That’s really cool, and In great shape
  2. KyleLengerich


    Oh I know, that’s a lot of money to some of us now lol, but I’d find every penny of it to buy that! 😂 That’s awesome! Beautifully done, the time and effort show in your work. If you get a chance, could we see the reverse side of the advert?
  3. KyleLengerich

    Seat Time Again

    Well, I know whybwe haven’t had any snow, from the looks of it @1995 520H+96+97 is hoarding it all 😂😂
  4. KyleLengerich


    I’d gladly pay 384.50 for it, as per the advertisement Thats a good looking little tractor!
  5. KyleLengerich


    This has to be one of the most fascinating things I’ve ever seen. I’ve spent every free moment today since I found this thread reading it. Your ingenuity, resourcefulness, and craftsmanship is absolutely amazing.
  6. Learn something every day, thanks!
  7. I’ve never seen this done, what is the reason for it? Simply curious
  8. KyleLengerich

    Snapper Model#280845

    I’ve got another general problem with this mower now.... I did the carb rebuild, used it to now/mulch our leaves, and the rental next door, about 2-3 hours in total. Now it is acting like it did before the rebuild. It’ll start, and from the time it takes for me to go from standing next to it to sitting on it it’ll die. On the off chance it doesn’t, as soon as I put it into gear it dies. I can post a video of how it’s acting if anyone would like to see/hear it, but I’m not sure if I should remove and go over the carb again, or if I’m looking at something else that may be wrong. It sat for about a month unmoved, so the only way I was able to get it going at first was with starter fluid. The gas lines have been replaced, as well as the filter, but I’ve found it does help to tilt the gas tank towards the outlet end. Any and all help is appreciated!!
  9. KyleLengerich

    Chain Steering setup

    Thanks! I don’t know how I missed your replies till now, but I greatly appreciate it. I eventually want to be able to park my Charger 10 next to my uncles 48 Farmall H as it’s mini me.
  10. I would like one, but playing Santa means I’d have to wait till after Christmas.... do you have only one or two, or do you have a decent supply? Someone gets to them first, no biggie, just curious.
  11. KyleLengerich

    What’s in your Cupholder?

    No worries! Gives me time to think
  12. KyleLengerich

    What’s in your Cupholder?

    That’s awesome... @pullstart, you forget to pack shorts? 😂 @19richie66, I might have to get ahold of you about a cup here soon
  13. KyleLengerich

    Removing Winter Storm Diego

    Aaaaaaaand because we’ve got the tractors ready we won’t have any accumulation to speak of this season 😂😂 @WVHillbilly520H, awesome videos. I’ve never seen one in action, kinda neat. Now off to craigslist and eBay to hunt 😂
  14. KyleLengerich

    I brought these home today

    Got your work cut out for ya! Be interested to see where you go with them, congrats on the new additions!
  15. KyleLengerich

    Where would you put your money?

    Where do you buy your stockings??😂