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  1. DMK855

    Charger not charging!!

    Finally digging up an old thread..... I have finally decided to address this issue 3.5 years later. This Charger has long since been converted back to a breaker point system from the original breaker-less setup. The stator that I need is NLA (Kohler 237877S). and the more common stator (237878S) will not fit because of the diameter. Appears I will have to change stator and flywheel to remedy this one!! And the search begins!! To be continued......
  2. DMK855

    Dealer List

    Montgomery Hardware Inc. Jackson Center, Pa.
  3. DMK855

    Dealer List

    I have a plow here with the same Mast Mower Service sticker as the picture posted on the first page. My Charger 12 Was sold by Chester County Timber in Unionville, Pa. And I will have to check the others now....
  4. My 10 year olds 1961 551 Suburban. Christmas present in 2010!! Plow mounted.
  5. Ahhhh..... A long lost thread. I have only gotten more parts painted, wrapped, and stored since this all started. The issue that I have now is that or camera and computer that I had during this project are no longer with us well as all the pictures. If anyone has a similar tractor restoration thread or pics, please let me know. I would like to get back on this here in the next couple of months after I finish up the Cub project I am in the middle of. I have looked at all the parts breakdowns and have some parts I am still unsure of!! Thanks!!
  6. Well, the Cubs are home safe and sound. Thought I would post some better pics. I am really looking forward to having them to tinker on in the years to come!! 149 Before it's bath..... Sure makes the garden look even smaller!! After it's bath! I love the hydraulic lift! 122 1250 is engine-less for the moment. Making memories!!
  7. DMK855

    Complete restore panzer

    Great Job on the Panzer Chris!!
  8. I don't know if I will get started on them this summer or not!! But after seeing some repairs through on these machines, I know they are not quite as simple as the WH's...... I will surely miss be able to make that phone call with tractor/small engine questions!! Thank fully he had all the manuals you could ask for and even took some pretty detailed notes!! Best of luck on your Cubs SOI, they are some tough machines and should treat you well!! Looking forward to your progress!!
  9. Neil, he has had Cubs my entire life...... Last count there are 14 tractors there! (Some are parts tractors!) I am looking forward to getting them home and cleaned up. Those Cubs of his actually mean something, where as the most of the WH I have, are just stuff I bought!!!
  10. My grandfather passed on this past Christmas morning and I will be bringing a few of his tractors home to add to the collection. He was into the Cubs pretty strong and probably had forgotten more about them than most know. I used to share my WH projects with him and actually had gotten the SK486 I am working on now as he knew he would not have time to make good use of the engine. I have a handful of other tractors that I need to sell or part out for my grandmother and shelves of parts and Kohlers to sort. Just wish I had the space to keep it all!! Anyway...... Here are a few pics of what I will be bringing home in April. I tried talking him out of this seat for one of my WH's..... Needless to say, It will prob. stay on the Cub now!!!
  11. Looking forward to the progress Brian!! Off to a great start!!
  12. A fan of the mid to late 60's...... Square hoods..... My 1055 is probably my favorite!!
  13. DMK855

    new choke and throttle cables.

    I really hate to revive an old thread, but has anyone had any luck with the TORO cables?? I don't mind spending the money as long as they are not Junk cables with TORO tags and price!! My 1055 cables have seen better days and I don't want to replace them with junk!!
  14. That area of the hood seems to get quite a bit of air from the engine which in my opinion helps protect the paint/decals....... My 1055 is still wearing its original paint and is not burned up at all, and my Charger has not melted the decal!!