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  1. what is the large(4"x6") opening in the rear fender under the seat for? was there a drop in tool tray for this opening?
  2. that's it! i guess i can install a small piece of angle in that location? thanks for the info. i have been ooc because of a bum knee. will be getting photos soon.
  3. at the rear (driver end) of my hood there is the remains of what appears to be a metal tab. is this a friction catch or hood stop of sorts? i removed what was left of it. will i need to fab a stop for the hood? thanks sorry no pictures, will try to get some posted soon
  4. has anyone ever used tubless tire valve stems for this application? if you trim off the valve core part after application would the inner part of the stem be too thick? just a thought
  5. dave647

    battery cca

    i have a 1985 310-8 10hp kohler. what is the recommended cca for battery.i have head lights and tail lights, but will only use lights if the wife decides she wants to mow at night. i fix em, she operates em. washer,dryer.gas trimmer,electric chain saw ,mower,lawn sweeper, leaf blower,pressure washer,etc... she is not allowed to use my tools.
  6. used a block of black polypropylene 3/4" x 1.25" square . used the left rear bolt hole of the dust cover. positioned so that the park brake lever engages the second notch. works great. thanks for a great site and all the help.
  7. as near as i can tell, the return on the brake pedal is controlled by the floor pan. is this correct? IF SO CAN I USE A BUMPER PAD IN THAT LOCATION? I WILL USE A PAD THAT IS THE SAME AS THE ONE USED AT THE REAR FENDERS. thanks for any info. excuse the caps (i am not yelling) i hate computers
  8. goop was recommended. it is clamped and drying as we speak. thanks for all the help!
  9. i am more concerned about the relaxed shape of the band and liner. is the band flexible enough to make proper contact with the drum?
  10. is it advisable to clamp the new lining and external band to the drum while gluing the band material? thanks for any help
  11. thanks for all the info. have a happy veterans day!
  12. now i am confused. maybe i'll paint every other rib black? just kidding. i've already have the dash section in black, i think i'll go with the black on the hood to break up the sea of red. thanks
  13. i have the pans installed with the belt guard on the right side. on the left side there are two square holes for carriage bolts. i want to fill these holes and thought i might use a short piece of angle iron mounted under the pan (just like the belt guard on the right side). the shoulders on the carriage bolts prevent them from tightening. thus the angle iron.
  14. on the right side floor pan the two inner holes are used for lower belt guard. what if anything is used on the left side? could a small angle iron piece be mounted under the floor pan to provide support? thanks
  15. need full set 1985 310-8 . my hood has a 2x2(apprx) logo only,is this correct? and my choke is located mid way on left side of dash. my original decals appear to be maroon? i've looked at so many sets that i am confused. thanks for any help