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  1. I will. I did purchase the HF mini tire changer after fighting to break the rusted bead on the first tire - definitely made tire removal much easier. It was a little less helpful for mounting - in the end I needed to use spoons to coax the bead over the rim. Inexperience didn't help the situation either, nor the fact that I didn't permanently mount the changer.
  2. Rims have been sanded, primed & painted. Tubes are in and new shoes are on. Time to get some antifreeze. Still have one or 2 more rounds of leaf pickup to do, and have to mount the new drive belt, so I have a little time to procrastinate on the liquid filling. Mounting was, um......., fun, yeah, that's it.....fun. Only tore one tube on the first attempt. (Front view only....) Hopefully the treads are aggressive enough to avoid chains. I was happy to find out the the rears are UTV tires, so operating psi is 7 versus being 3-4 as is the case with most ATV tires, or so I've read. All tires are over pressurized to max right now to test for leaks. Rear is sized at 22-7.0-12. It makes the narrow 22-7.5-12 look fat. Hopefully the down pressure will be helpful against slip.
  3. Thanks for the info. And your right - my plow is dry. Something else to add to the list. I'll also look into replacing the drive belt. From the looks of how the other areas were maintained - air filter, brake band, trans boot, other belts, etc, the drive belt is most likely original. I'm blaming the drive belt since, at the snowfall, I would lose forward motion but then look down to see the drive wheel(s) spinning. Day 2, no spin but forward motion stopped, but no wheels spin, strange tranny noise, or change in engine rpm - just no more forward motion. So I'm assuming (hoping) it was belt slip. Unfortunately in my case, over plowing isn't an option. I don't have a large property in the land of "shoehorning in as big as house as possible on a lot" and have a 60 foot run where the snow has to removed - 9 feet wide with house wall on one side and a 3" drop down right into my neighbors property. I'm always afraid if I put snow on the neighbor side, I could risk flooding his basement which would not be a good thing. Picture below (see the truck up in the top left) shows part of the area described. Yeah, it was a tight squeeze getting the plow between the trailer and the mustang.
  4. Hi, new to site and Wheel Horse (89 312-8 working, and a 84? 312-8 for parts). While on the questions of plows, anyone have any luck in locating shoes for these snow plows? I'm assuming that is what the holes in the bottom of the plows are for. I got to plow for the very first time in the recent snow fall....on the very same day I got my leaf vacuum/bagger up and running - and then removed to mount the snow plow. Needless to say since I didn't have any wheel weights or chains, I went no where fast. I'm looking to avoid using chains so I'm cleaning up the old rims on the '84 and mounting snow tires. From what I've heard, narrower tires give better traction in the snow. The '84 has 5" rims so I'm going with 22x7x12 ATV tire I found on amazon - should get the set today. I've already cleaned and repainted front rims and am ready to start the remounting process. (I've never unmounted/mounted tires before, so it's been fun...). So time for a few questions, if I may: -How can you tell the number of "pins" in the differential? I was planning on filling the tires for some antifreeze for weights (I ordered tubes as well, and since I'm learning, I might as well make it as difficult as possible :grin:. In looking through the resources here, it is either recommended or discourages based on the number of pins. -Is it possible to put on too much weight? I was going to add wheel weights as well to avoid using chains. -Is there a way to stop the drive belt from slipping? The night of the snowfall was a bust, but the next day when every got slushy, I was having a lot of fun...until I pushed a big enough pile that the drive belt began to slip. Any thoughts. And while I'm at it, is there a user area to learn about the site, like how to upload pics in the gallery? Thanks very much, and I hope I am not derailing...and some pics