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  1. jrfan882008


    havin a fuel problems on my c160 every now and then gas runs out of carb just rebuilt carb few days ago any ideas :omg:
  2. jrfan882008

    your favorite model

    well id have to say my favorite wil be my 606 it was the first then it would be my c-160 1973 but like them all :horseplay: :horseplay: :horseplay: :D
  3. jrfan882008

    I really really really MEAN IT this time!

    hey bill the old Pearson Plantation gettin a cleanin lol im only hour away be glad to help have you found any info on the old white one you have been off for little how was holiday
  4. jrfan882008

    tranny ?

    had in mind hookin 2 together will it matter if there not same year trannys
  5. jrfan882008

    tranny ?

    got a project in mind does the tranny gear ratio change from year to year :banghead:
  6. hey bill got a suburban with the clinton engine B)
  7. jrfan882008

    Noob! First Wheel Horse

    B) bet she has alot of sentumental value to you rallysman it should clean up real nice :whistle:
  8. jrfan882008

    TT's Black Tractor better LOOK OUT!!!

    guys he aint jokin it just as pic shows it lol B)
  9. jrfan882008

    TT's Black Tractor better LOOK OUT!!!

    bill thats one mean lookin tracter think you need bigger engine lmao B)
  10. jrfan882008

    New (Novice) Wheel Horse Owner

    :whistle: :WRS:lucky wish i had neighbors like that
  11. jrfan882008

    Happy Birthday TT

    :whistle: happpy birthday terry hope its a good one
  12. jrfan882008

    washed Horse and now won't start

    washed mine and points got water on them had to dry them off fired right up :whistle:
  13. jrfan882008


    did any of the little nut roasters ever have a clinton engine on them :whistle:
  14. jrfan882008

    new horse

    will do had to leave work this mornin to go pick it up got her for 150 at yard sale had plow with it
  15. jrfan882008

    new horse

    well guys bought my first nut roaster today she's sittn n shop with the 2 other keepin warm best i can tell it looks like a 61 where are the nubers found on one of these looks like tt's 401