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    What do I have and what is it worth?

    Sorry, it's already sold. That was another project that I unfortunately never got to. Kept it for 20 years but just never happened. Kids and health problems just would never let me.

    What do I have and what is it worth?

    I'll try and get some more complete and better pics tonight. I'm looking to be fair just not wanting to give stuff away that's all. It was bought new by a family member and I really hate to get rid of it but after the tranny went it got disassembled and that's where it stopped. Just trying to clean up a bunch of projects taking up room. Also gonna have a few Massey Ferg's I'm probably gonna be letting go also. I think they are MF10 or MF12. 1 is a hydro and 1 is gear drive. Thank you guys for your help so far!!!!!!
  3. I'm new to the forum so please help me if I'm not doing something properly. I am looking for some help from people way more familiar with this stuff then me. Not sure what any of this stuff is worth so I'm looking for some idea's to sell it. I'll post some pics of what I have. I also have all the transmission parts but it is disassembled due to a major internal failure.