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  1. Whnewone


    Sam did you ever decide anything on that c195 please let me know I'm on my way there now
  2. Whnewone


    Blower will fit 195. He goes by dw753 on RS. He seems to be a pretty honest person on my opinion. I have delt with him in the past. Yes he has a lot of wheel horse's.
  3. Whnewone

    Anyone recognize this Work Horse?

    Maybe tried to simulate but used grey instead.
  4. Whnewone

    Anyone recognize this Work Horse?

    From what I know - very little - I just bought a GT1800 and there is, I heard a black paint option. I have a pic of it. Now I'm not sure if I want go original colors or do the black 1st pic mine in original color. 2nd pic is what I found as the black paint option.
  5. Whnewone


    I agree lot to learn. Since your thinking of maybe doing a trade just email the person or call if there is s number and ask. I'm to new at this to advise on values.
  6. Whnewone

    got another horse coming to the stable

    Looks like a nice machine there.
  7. Whnewone


    I have seen that machine in person. It's nice. Have not heard it run. With the purchase I have already made I lake the funds otherwise it would have been mine. I have to go up there soon, providing if weather holds out I could get a video of it running if your interested in that.
  8. Whnewone

    Grader Blade

    You might try Facebook marketplace I know there is one there just don't know location
  9. Whnewone

    Plow On

    I'm ready
  10. Rjg that's why I joined to the T. I'm on 24/7 due to phone, iPad, and computer.
  11. Whnewone

    Happy Birthday Elmer Pond.

    There are several 500's on Facebook. My friend funds and space just don't allowed to pick one up since I'm in Indiana just about 1 hr north I definitely would get one. Who knows maybe one day it will be in the cards. YES VERY INTERESTING READING. HAPPY BIRTHDAY
  12. Whnewone

    Americana at its best

    Very well said. Hope things go well for all
  13. Whnewone

    Americana at its best

    So true Don. Sorry for your lose
  14. Whnewone


  15. I would pm c series Don and if you get it I'd like to know it also