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  1. rmaynard

    B 100 10 HP Kohler throttle setup

    Check out post #19
  2. I'm trying to find the plastydash for 701 can you help

  3. rmaynard

    North of 49th New Guy

    North of the 49th is a huge place. Where exactly are you located, and what model Wheel Horses have you managed to find?
  4. rmaynard

    Tractors and storage space

    Most of my restored ones have been housed in the next-door neighbor's garage. However, he passed away and the house is being sold. Looks like I only have until December to use the free storage. Hoping to add on to my existing 14' x 14' shed.
  5. rmaynard

    17th Annual Cubarama

    Probably would have been less confusing if the correct name of the show would have been used, Cub-A-Rama. I too was already smelling the aroma of a fine Cuban Cohiba. http://www.cub-a-rama.com/
  6. They are installing brand new service next week. Until then it should be good for at least one batch of Mrs M's cookie bars.
  7. Since the mystery box is on the power company side of my meter, aren't they paying for the eddy current losses?
  8. Here's a pic of the front.
  9. Could you further enlighten us?
  10. Eric, in answer to your question, I don't know. The "kids" that installed it didn't know how it worked, but when I asked the question about amperage, they said it would be the same. I doubt it. If that were the case, why run two wires in the first place. Just run one and a magic box. Brian, what's a buck transformer?
  11. Yesterday morning we awoke to an electrical problem in our house. Some lights worked, some didn't. No water pump, oven, dryer etc., so there was no 240 volts. So I started investigating. Meter read 120v at some outlets, 80v at others. LED's and CFL's flickered. I took the cover of the electrical panel. I flipped the double breaker for the water pump to off and all the outlets that read 80v went off, as did all the lights that were flickering. I checked the incoming feeder line and found that one leg read 120V and the other read zero. Ah ha! So I determined that one phase of my incoming power from the power company was non-existent. I called the power company, they sent out a team, and discovered that one leg of the feeder to my house had burned out underneath my asphalt driveway. Not wanting them to dig up my driveway to make the repairs, I asked that they run a whole new wire since the old one had been there 40 years. They agreed but said it could be a couple of weeks since they had sent a large crew to North Carolina. Anyway, they said that they could restore my 240V with a temporary fix. This is what they installed. I call it the mystery box. In all my years, I have never seen one of these. Somehow it takes the one good 120V line and redirects it to a box on the hand truck and it comes back out as two separate 120V circuits to simulate the two 120V leads that were coming into my panel. So my questions is HOW DO THEY DO THAT?
  12. rmaynard

    A Sobering Day

    I think all of us know of someone who is the picture of health and then gets diagnosed with cancer. And on the other side of the coin is the dude with an unhealthy lifestyle, who smokes, drinks, doesn't get any exercise, works with asbestos all day, who lives to 100. It doesn't seem fair. My best thoughts and wishes to you, Mark, and the whole team of doctors, family members, and friends who will be supporting him. There is strength in numbers, and the RedSquare family is a BIG number.
  13. WooHoo! Happy Birthday, Terry. Hope you have a great day!
  14. rmaynard

    Seafoam. Your thoughts

    You can search my name and use the keyword Seafoam to see what I think about the stuff. I am an old-school guy when it comes to things like that. I was just reading through an old Popular Science magazine from the 1960's yesterday. One of my favorite columns was "Say Smokie". It was a column of questions and answers about cars and engines. Smokie Yunick was a NASCAR mechanic and car designer. In his words, when asked about additives he would say "I never put much faith in witchcraft". Nuf said!
  15. rmaynard

    Software Help needed

    As a "work" tool, I would spend the money for Microsoft. However, since it's only for me, and I'm cheap, a free alternative to the pricey MS stuff has been fine. I only use it for reading and composing documents. No Excel or Powerpoint.