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  1. rmaynard

    1999 312-8 compression relief valve question

    Exhaust valve. What you have is a 4-stroke engine. Every complete revolution is a "stroke". First stroke is intake. Intake valve opens, exhaust valve is closed, the piston goes down and gas/air mix is pulled in. Next stroke is compression. Both intake and exhaust valves are fully closed and the piston starts moving up compressing the gas/air mix. If you have an ACR, this stroke is where the exhaust valve opens slightly at the beginning of the stroke, then closes quickly as the piston goes up, compressing the mix. Third stroke is where the spark ignites the fuel/air mix and forces the piston back down. Fourth stroke is exhaust where the exhaust valve opens and the rising piston forces the burned exhaust gases out. Then the cycle starts all over again. As soon as the engine reaches between 600-700 rpm, the ACR mechanism disengages, full compression is realized, and the engine runs.
  2. rmaynard

    1999 312-8 compression relief valve question

    The exhaust valve should move fully up and down on the exhaust stroke. However, we are talking about only the compression stroke where it should open and close just slightly at the beginning of the stroke. Yes, the engine will have to be at least partially disassembled to repair an ACR.
  3. rmaynard

    1999 312-8 compression relief valve question

    Before going to a lot of trouble, just test the ACR. Since you have the valve cover off and can see the valve stems & rockers, rotate the engine until it is about to enter the compression stroke. You will notice that the exhaust valve will open and close slightly as the compression stroke begins. If it doesn't, then you can safely assume that there is something amiss with the ACR.
  4. rmaynard

    1999 312-8 compression relief valve question

    According to the manual provided above, in section 10 (10.1), this engine is equipped with ACR. Here is a quote from the manual: Automatic Compression Release (ACR) This engine is equipped with an Automatic Compression Release (ACR) mechanism. ACR lowers compression at cranking speeds to make starting easier. Operation: The ACR mechanism consists of a lever and control pin assembly attached to the gear on the camshaft. At cranking speeds (700 RPM or lower), the control pin protrudes above the exhaust cam lobe. This pushes the exhaust valve off its seat during the first part of the compression stroke. The reduced compression results in an effective compression ratio during cranking of about 2:1. So rather than hazarding a guess to your original question about ACR, I simply looked it up in the manual. Good luck with your problem.
  5. rmaynard

    701 Hood

  6. rmaynard

    Trading Post aka Landfill

    Unfortunately, our county landfill does not allow scavenging. I hate to go there anymore for fear of what I might see and can't have.
  7. rmaynard

    I don't like dentists

    You guys are not going to believe this, but my dentist has to prop my mouth open during lengthy procedures because I fall asleep. My only discomfort is the bill afterward.
  8. rmaynard

    2019 Show Dates

    No reservations. All camping is first come, first served. Limited number of electric hookups, but plenty of regular camp sites. This year there is a charge of $20.00 per night. Thursday morning is the earliest that you can arrive. Thursday arrival gives you a much better chance of getting an electric hookup if you are traveling with a large trailer or motorhome.
  9. rmaynard

    Happy Birthday Buzz

    Happy Birthday Buzz. Hope you have a great day!
  10. rmaynard

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BuckRancher

    Happy Birthday Brian. Hope you have a great day. Go have a big night out with Jo. It's Friday and you don't have to be home until 8:00 PM.
  11. rmaynard

    wheelhorse B -100 problems

    First, check all of your electrical connections including grounds. The B-100 is simple as far as wiring is concerned. After ascertaining that all connections are clean and tight, you need to see what kind of voltage you have at the battery when the engine is running. At mid to full throttle you should have at least 13.5 volts DC. If you do, and the battery still won't hold a charge, then you probably have a bad battery. Now if you don't have 13.5 volts when charging, you have to find where you are losing your charging voltage. First suspect is a bad ammeter or the connections to it. If the voltage on either side of the ammeter to ground is 13.5 volts or higher, it's okay and your problem could be the regulator/rectifier or the connections to it.
  12. rmaynard

    Why buy parts?

    @Dadlife520H Our local public library has a 3D printer, but the product it puts out is junk. How long did it take to produce the part? What is the material? What did it cost?
  13. rmaynard

    How do I order more of these clips?

    Better deal.
  14. rmaynard

    How do I order more of these clips?

    Amazon.com Search: Red Hound Auto Trailer Wiring Clips - Package of 25