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  1. Mine ended up like that today, not bagged a thing of taken a single picture, I got far too carried away far too quickly haha. What's your ideas do tell lol
  2. Im looking to replace my broken plastic seat pan/fender with metal on my c165 so i can get it all painted. Thanks Rob
  3. Westie

    Hi, new Yorkshire member

    Food for thought thanks. I cleaned the carb the other day as it wouldn't run at anything but no choke and half throttle. It runs fine now if not a tad rich but my needle looks like this. Is it worth my while changing it? Briggs 8hp
  4. Westie

    Hi, new Yorkshire member

    Good God £70 I bet you were grinning for a while off the back of that lol. I've found a post on junkies where a bloke converted to a red square hood but I really don't mind the black anyway really. Well I've got eBay searches saved so I guess I will just wait while I play with this b21 I was planning on stripping and painting it but I'm going to save the effort for my next one and just tidy up and use this one. Gunk and a pressure washer
  5. Westie

    Hi, new Yorkshire member

    Ah thanks I'll get some ordered. Thanks that's just the Info I needed mate, can the hoods be swapped for the earlier style so best of both worlds? I see people on YouTube doing all sorts with them and I want a bit of it lol. Especially when I see them ploughing and logging! How's the 4 speed if I can't find an 8?
  6. Westie

    Hi, new Yorkshire member

    That would be great! I can't find any online. Can I ask you meadowfield, what's the best common enough horse for smallholding work in the UK? I seem to have landed on the 8 speed c160. My dad's retired and we seem to have settled on he wants to restore a tractor for me but I'm paying. I want to drag timber, plough, push snow (what little we have) and pull a trailer ect. I know the D series are good workhorses too but are they more expensive to fix
  7. Westie

    Hi, new Yorkshire member

    Thanks for the heads up about the forum meadowfield mate. Good grief you've got some tractors! In that case then why not, it's only up the road and I tried to get up there this year just for a look around anyway.
  8. Westie

    Hi, new Yorkshire member

    Thanks stormin, would it be welcome being of the stamped frame and vertical flavour? Just trying to sort the carb, terrified of knacking the jets there in so tight. It won't start or idle without throttle so I think the jets blocked. Need to get rid of this auto choke too
  9. Westie

    Hi, new Yorkshire member

    That's Ada and I hope to find a tiny one for her before too long
  10. Hi I'm Rob from Huddersfield and I've just got myself what I believe is a B81 4 speed with the 8hp vertical briggs. Hoping to get it up to scratch and put it to work then get myself another for pulling and shows. Got some bits to do on this first though.