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  1. Got my replacement carb for the k90 on my rj59 put it on and still don't start but I got a new shinny carb . The carter original was so badly corroded I couldn't save it. Got to try for spark next
  2. Fall picture with the kid he looks do happy
  3. I just looked into the 1950s economy tractors looks to fit the bill
  4. I thought it was a pretty neat little old tractor to bad it doesn't have the hood it's on let go 18322 zip if any one is interested in it then if it was a sr it was coming home lol
  5. Only two photos he has of it
  6. Just found this for sale has no good or markings guy knows nothing about it could this be a ride away sr or just another tractor
  7. I have my k90 out of the rj59 rebuilding carb I've searched around and only see #16 carbs for them but never an #18 mines cast inside #18 I think I saved the carb ordered a gasket set and a replacement carb model #16 though. Has anyone ever heard a model #18?
  8. Well I put some fuel in the fuel line of the rj59 I looked up the casting on the rear and it turned out it's a Feb 5 1959 rj but any way pulled and pull nothing happened so I pulled the motor and the carb and it was just full of crusty hard stuff. Not a varnish but a hard flaky white crust. So should I soak this carb and rebuild or just buy a replacement if soak it what do you recommend carb cleaner did not even take it off. And should I just pull the motor apart and rebuild it or just go with it and check the gaps and run it
  9. Where the the wire connect to on the motor does it just connect to the top of the spark plug
  10. I'm looking to wire up the hood mounted kill switch where does the wire go to I see your points cap is like mine with a botton was that were the kill switch was on these
  11. Ok so I removed that random bracket off and came up with this I have a tab sticking off and asand asI turned it the Gov spring got tighter so I found a spot where things were neutral and made a cable clamp and that's what I ended up with I did lubricated the cable and housing. My glass fuel bowl was gummed up so I took it apart I need to make a new cork gasket unless they sell them and re do the fuel line also I seen there is no oil or mesh in the air filter so I read a few things in here and seen guys put stainless mesh and non detergent oil in the filters.
  12. What's missing with this carb linkage it doesn't seem right
  13. Shed

    Suburban mower deck and unknown rear end.

    Hey will this fit a 57 58 rj58? Or 60 suburban your about 4 hours from me 18322
  14. Gattett is his name we couldn't javf asked for a better kid to have hes sp easy going, he is the reason I was able to bring both home my wife and grandma(my mom) helped to.