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  1. Gents and Gals i bought the 417 this summer after broke axle on 314, the 417 came with deck, plow, and thrower. I’m missing the eye bolt for the helper spring? Help anyone know the length ? It’s 5/8 I think in diameter. Also what belt will work it’s the 79360 thrower, the old belt is in rough shape many thanks Scott in Maryland
  2. bigcreek

    314-8 Value

    Nice tractor, I bought my first this summer a 314-H with 80 original hours and a snow plow with 42 in RD deck in Maine for 1100 they are great machines. I am curious why are you asking, selling? R/ Scott
  3. Thanks for the pdf of the mower deck, I have to admit I am learning these fine machines. To be honest that is why I come here, the vault of knowledge. I will check the decks on both of the mowers, I have a 417-8 with a 42 in SD on it and with the deck set to its highest cut hight I can still lift the deck hydraulically to the transport location. Now on my 314-H, which has a 42 in RD, that when in mowing in the highest selection, if I try to lift it up higher to transport it will not go higher? Again not sure if I have a problem, I did lower this deck to its lowest position and then the lift will raise the deck? thanks again Scott
  4. bigcreek


    Nice one, also bought one here in southern Maryland, mine is well worn, over 1600 hours on her. But she cuts nice it came with a newer deck on it and also with the big snow plow and a never before used snow blower. I need to add some picks. Sadly no hubcaps on mine at all, but do have four wheel weights. I paid 700 for it with the extras. scott
  5. Red Square Brain Trust, Good afternoon, after the 314 axle fix it is on to the next issue with the stable 314 H deck will not lift, when I move the lever up or down I hear the hydraulics make noise acknowledging the movement of the lever but deck does not rise at all? help? R/ Scott
  6. bigcreek

    New to the WH obsession

    Good evening gents, I’ve started the rob and replacement of the 314 broken axle. Do I need to remove the belt tensioner on the front to get to the pin that holds the axle out? Anyone pulled the front axle off? Any thing I should look for ? I’m replacing both tie rods also
  7. Good day ladies and gents, Currently, live and work in Southern Maryland. The place we rent has about 3 acres to tend to, first year here I borrowed my landlords back up Deere. I told him I was on the hunt for a mower. Well while in Maine I found a two owner, barn kept, 314-H with less than 80 original hours, rear discharge and plow. Had to have it, it is a very good condition. And I thought I was good to go,,, well second time out I broke the front axle. While I ordered the parts to fix her, I local WH 417-8 came up for sale, well used to say the least but it had the four wheel weights, and another bigger plow and an unused snow blower, also an 8-year-old has a side discharge deck. Tire chains and all. Now I paid up for the 314 with 80 hours, 1100 and got the 417 with the blower and another deck and plow for 700. The twin on the 417 has 1600 hours on it! The plan is to fix the 314 (have the parts), put the newer bigger deck on her, and work on the old 417 she has some minor issues, about an inch and half of play in the steering, the warning lights on the dash do not work, a good cleaning, all fluids changed and serviced. Both need new seats. I am happy with the new horses and will need some technical help on things. Teaching my daughter to keep them going. Pics to follow.
  8. bigcreek

    New to the WH obsession

    thanks Jim, I will order new tie rods, if I have to replace one i might as well do both,
  9. bigcreek

    New to the WH obsession

    I think the tie rod went and the impending toe out put too much pressure on the axle. I have ave not ordered the spindle yet
  10. bigcreek

    New to the WH obsession

    Here are some views of the axle ive got a used replacement in hand be glad for any advise, keep it clean please these old mowers are a father daughter project. She is interested in a trade school. Nice opportunity to fix something and keep em mowing
  11. Good afternoon I have a new to me, 314-H, crossing a small ditch I broke the front axle down low on the right side where the wheel spindle comes out the bottom. Not fixable ordered and received a replacement. Is this a fix I can do remove and replace, or do I need a shop to do this, I would like to try it have a place to do the repair. Side note another tractor, 417 - 8 with snowblower has popped up local for 700, it also has the side discharge deck, he is asking 700. I may grab it for the extra attachments Thanks
  12. Good day Gents, Ladies, and fans of the Wheel Horse.  Recently acquired a low hour (79) 314 - Hydro, with the plow and a rear discharge deck. I am the third owner it came out of farmers barn in Northern Maine. She is a beauty, the place we rent her in southern Md has about 3.5 acres to mow and tend. we have a 50x40 garden as well. I have been using my landlords JD LX255 for a year to help my old Snapper. 

    On a recent trip to Maine saw the WH on letgo and I was smitten. Pick her up and she is in now in Maryland. Love her, but sadly I broke the front axle on the second time I used her. Was crossing a small ditch and the axle broke at the bottom of the spindle. Good news for 45 bucks off eBay I have a newly used axle in hand. My daughter I and will attempt the removal and replacement of the axle. 

    Also as luck has it a local 417 has appeared for sale with the twin and plow and blower. I am buying it for the deck it has a side discharge. I am hooked,,,