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  1. I thought it was ironic you posted building and backfilling a tie wall. We've built our wall twice, by hand. They last about 15 years. Our wall goes on forever around our yard, about 300 ties worth. One reason we're doing the loader is a fork attachment would help a lot when the time comes to do it again, just back flling the dirt and mulching it would justify a loader.
  2. Randy, nice loader. I'd like to see some pictures of your bucket cylinder since yours tilts from the bottom. Also what cylinder and line sizes you went with. I did some mock ups last night, got the usual issues to work through but the basic design didn't change. 3/16 x 2 x 2 frame, 3/16 x 3 x 4 cross and 1/8 x 3 x 3 verticals. It's what I was able to get for free so...
  3. AutoCAD Inventor. After looking at a ton of pictures I decided to make a full sub-frame to take most of the load off the tractor frame. I'll put some dimensions on the drawings, print everything out and check it against the tractor over the weekend. Might try and sketch the tractor enough to crude model it next week. It'll be a while before I start cutting but I've already started scrounging steel. I really need to figure out the cylinder dimensions and make sure I have room for the pump below the PTO first. I'd like to use 2" bore on the mains and 1.5's on the bucket rather than 2's on everything but using all 2's seems to be more common.
  4. Well that's all the damage I can do until I get some more measurements, but the basic design is there.
  5. And so it begins. Took some basic measurements last night and started laying the frame out on the computer this morning. Making it somewhat modular and completely bolt in. Haven't decided on the rear hitch design yet. 3 x 4 cross tube with 3 x 3 verticals. Those weld together and will be capped forming the oil tank. I'll position the valves on the left, pump on the right off the PTO, should get good oil cross flow that way, and I like having my right hand for steering and gear selection while my left operates the bucket. Lower frame will be 2 x 2 tube, 2 x 2 angle for mounting.
  6. Walnut

    C160 w/ 48" deck

    Pulled off the market. No longer for sale. Going a different route.
  7. Walnut

    FEL Build for 520

    Nice build. What are the dimensions and gauge metal of your bucket?
  8. Walnut

    Front end loader

    Thanks, that helps a lot. I know I'm new here but glad to see such a passionate following for the old WH brand. Got home last night and told the wife I had good news and bad news. Got the typical eye roll and "what'd you do?" Told her the good news was we were keeping her dads WH, bad news was "we" have another project. Told her if we kept it "she'd" have to help. She's looking forward to using the loader to move mulch instead of a pitch fork and wheel barrow. 60 yards takes us weeks to move.
  9. Walnut

    Front end loader

    Yep, all original, driven by a little old man on weekends.
  10. Walnut

    Front end loader

    Looks well thought out so it probably could have been an implement dealer option. The Angle Iron diagonals even mimic the WH frame. Didn't get any serious hits on selling the C160 so I think I have enough pictures and info to get started on a loader. Good Winter project. Wife will actually be thrilled we're keeping it, she got a little emotional when it got time to sell it. Her dad bought that WH new when she was about 10 and passed it on to us when we got married 25 years ago when he could no longer service it. It's taken me a lot of work to keep it running for as much as we use it and getting harder all the time. Basically been used several times a week for 45 years straight. Well over 10,000 hours and it's never been torn down. With the loader it'll mainly be a single/occasional use machine, and remain a member of the family.
  11. Walnut

    Front end loader

    Ran across this picture, supposed to be a factory WH loader but??? Only pic I could find of one... so far.
  12. Walnut

    Front end loader

    Thanks for that link. I tried a forum search here and never found much. I did find one video/picture file on Youtube where the guy mocked up and tested all the geometry using 2 x 4's and plywood.
  13. Walnut

    Front end loader

    Thanks for the tip. I might order the plans but being a machine designer by trade I might also try and model it on the computer. Found a host of pictures to work off of but I assume the plans also help with pump, cylinder and valve sizes.
  14. Walnut

    Front end loader

    Ok, so I ran across a Youtube video of a C160 with a Johnson Loader. Time to get the sketch pad out.
  15. I have a C-160, 16 hp. Were these available with a loader option? If it doesn't sell and we keep it we'd like to add one. Perhaps a 6 cu foot bucket or smaller to move mulch, similar to a Woods LS series or the old J-D lawn and garden one they discontinued.