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    1981 C-85 w/ 42" dozer/snow plow, front and rear wheel weights, rear weight box, custom made front weight carrier, and vbar chains on the rear. Rebuilt engine w/ 0.10 oversize piston.

    1982 C-105 w/36 rear mower, chrome hub caps on front, rear wheel weights, rebuilt engine w/ 0.20 oversize pistion.
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    White River Jct. VT
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    Library - Circulation/Reserve assistant. Part time security officer, part time mechanic.Past- 15yr Army Guard/Reserve, Desert Storm Vet, Worked at Ford/ Hyundai Dealer for 14yrs.Worked at family owned outdoor power equipment since birth to 28yrs old.
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    All outdoor power equipment, esp W/H. Snowmobiling (Ski-dooing), Family, camping - not necessarily in this order!

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  1. I would like to see how this tractor was built , this would be really cool to do! We briefly had a pair of used W/H snowmobiles and I got to drive them for a while when I was a kid. I didn't really like them much, if I remember correctly the tracks didn't have much of any tread, so they spun a lot. I'm still glad I tried them and didn't know at the time how historic those rides would be! We had all kinds of used snow machines back when nearly every company made one. In the mid 60-70's we were a dealer of Ski-doo, Ariens Arrow (we called them Ariens Error), Fox Trac, Moto-Ski and Snow Pony. I really liked the Ski-doo's, but my favorite was the Moto-Ski's, they were the toughest! I wish I had one of those now for a conversation piece! C-85
  2. C-85

    Vintage Trucks

    I thought I'd put out a couple of pictures of my antiques. As I wrote a while ago I had a '88 Chevy, but that's gone now . We still have a '79 1/4 ton SUV and a '71 2 1/2 ton cargo truck, both of them are Jeeps! So we have little Jeep and big Jeep
  3. C-85

    Vintage Trucks

    I love WVHillbilly's C30! We had a '74 GMC C30 with a 350, 4sp standard and a large stake body with a hyd. power tailgate that got us through, but having a 454 would have been a lot better. Some say that the 1 ton truck is the most abused truck there's ever been! I can say that we totally over loaded and abused ours. We broke lots of leaf springs, broke some wheels and even had the lug studs shear off once. We had that truck for years and after 3 engines and 3 hundred something thousand miles finally got rid of it, mainly because the frame had such bad rust. I think WVHillbilly's is a nice truck and it looks like it might be somewhere near rust free, at least the body looks good! Thanks for sharing this beauty
  4. C-85

    cast iron 16 horse Briggs

    I hope you find a carb and get this running! I liked the old cast iron B&S engines and thought they were great! I'm curious what it came off? I think I remember that Simplicity and Gilson used them, but I'm not sure who else, maybe Sears/Roper? I had always wondered why they stopped making them, I think they were nearly as good as the Kohlers at that time. Anyways, that should be a good engine, I hope you can get it running again! C-85
  5. C-85

    New to tractors . Need advice

    The 8hp should work perfect for plowing, this is what we use - C-85
  6. C-85

    Favorite NFL team.

    I Love the Patriots! C-85
  7. C-85

    It’s Mug-Shot Monday guys!!

    I love these pictures! Me and my one and only back in '97. C-85
  8. C-85

    Need a key for Wheel Horse 212-6

    You should be able to find one of these most any place! My Ariens and Toro snowblowers have these, and I know some of the old snowmobiles took the same 'Indak' key. Mine looks a little different, it's from an old Toro and has their old logo with their trademark 'bullhead' on it. I treasure this old key! C-85
  9. Here's a few missions my units have been on!
  10. C-85

    Favorite hand tools/brands

    I hadn't heard of S-K Tools going out of business, so that make me quite sad! I wonder what became of them or who might buy them out or be able to give warranty? C-85
  11. C-85

    Camo A-90

    As a Desert Storm veteran, I've seen all the desert I need to , so I would never do this to a good looking (potentially) red W/H tractor!
  12. C-85

    Favorite hand tools/brands

    This is a great topic and I have a share of many tools, but mainly S-K. We even sold them at my family's business when I was younger. In my area they were kind of the gold standard! I love my But sadly, I believe the last business that carried these near me just went out of business, so I'm not sure how I'll get new ones or replacements I will miss the service and people of these business's very much! C-85
  13. C-85

    Best Salt Spreader?

    It would be great if someone made a small spreader that could spread sand and salt. All the ones I've seen say they can only spread salt and fertilizers. It would seem that a lot of folks would like a small spreader that can spread a sand/salt mix that wouldn't break the bank! All this would take would be a better agitator or a vibrator to loosen the clumped up sand in the hopper . C-85
  14. C-85

    Catastrophic failure

    I have found a used complete K181, and I've got it on there, so it is fixed now. What a tune up! Now to figure more about how this happened. I think going to a 12hp would have been great if I had one, but I don't. My little 8hp tractor has plenty of power for what we've been using for - plowing snow and some dirt work. Oh and occasionally some rock work! These rocks that I dug out are on skid (sheet of plywood) that I was pulling - It is totally amazing to me to know what this little 8hp tractor has done! Like I said when I posted this that I had never seen a crank shaft break and I'm still puzzled by this. I know I'm carrying a lot of weight, but it seems like there's so many weaker links (like the connecting rod or drive belt) that would have broke or failed before the crank shaft! When I was in the equipment business, I saw plenty of engine damage, but not like this. We had lots of customer lawn mowers come in with bent crank shafts (from hitting rocks or something solid), but never a broken one. Has anyone else seen damage like this? Thanks for everyone that has taken time to view this and weigh in! C-85
  15. C-85

    Lets see the snow rigs!

    Wow, of all the creativeness I've seen on this site, I've never seen a tractor with an 'auto pilot! I never gave this any thought, I've heard of driverless cars, but now tractors! Thanks for sharing! C-85