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  1. Rich16

    Onan P220 for my 520H

    Cleat - Hurrray! Success! My alligator clips/wires weren't the best so I went to an auto parts place and bought new wire/new alligators and re-soldered everything & hooked back up. Then I realized the fuel pump probably wasn't up to the gas line sitting in my gas can a few feet below the engine. So I tilted/sat the gas can about equal to the fuel pump height and then 'old schooled' it. Sucked on the line until gas came out and hooked it up to engine fuel pump - still can't believe I did this One touch on the starter and she purred to life - more correctly jumped to life! It's amazing how balanced these engines are - sitting on a small piece of 3/4 plywood on a cinder block and no problem running on it not fastened down - amazing. I played with it for some 30 min & it ran flawlessly and I couldn't be happier! I know it had everything to do with you telling me exactly how to hook everything up & can't thank you enough!! There's nothing like helpful encouragement when you don't know what you're doing. Best Cleat! Rich
  2. Rich16

    Onan P220 for my 520H

    Thanks again Cleat! Yes - attached yellow wire on ign coil to + battery connection I hooked up on starter. I wondered if the clicking sound I could hear thru the carburetor was the spark plugs firing without the engine running? When I first heard the sound it was odd.... and an ear to the carb throat sounded like where it was coming from but will investigate further. The troubleshoot guide is fantastic - should lead me to the answer. Again really appreciate your willingness to help!
  3. Rich16

    Onan P220 for my 520H

    Cleat - so far still frustrated trying to get it started - am installing new fuel pump which seems to be one of the issues (no gas coming up in filter). Gravity feeding gas hasn't helped anything. I ran a hot line from the ignition coil to where the + battery attaches to the starter solenoid. When I do this I hear a uniform repetetive clicking sound coming from the carburetor whenever hot line is attached to starter solenoid??? Jumping the starter turns it over fine but she hasn't fired yet - haven't checked for plug spark and will have to start a full diagnostics I suspect. Is the clicking sound from the carburetor normal? Thanx so much!
  4. Rich16

    Onan P220 for my 520H

    Cleat - thanks so much!! Now I know exactly what to do and you are an invaluable resource. Really really appreciate it!
  5. Rich16

    Onan P220 for my 520H

    Oh Cleat - here's the starter solenoid pix I forgot to attach - Rich
  6. Rich16

    Onan P220 for my 520H

    Cleat - thanks so much for the wiring plug diagram - we both have the same system on the extra p220 I have from an '88 (or '89 but no later) but sounds exactly like yours and the one you retrofitted. Down by the separate starter solenoid at the dipstick (which was missing when I got the engine) my wiring harness has two red wires - one with the fuse block and another without - both have the 'hoop' type end connectors but aren't hooked up. There's also a light blue wire with a clip connector coming out of the harness I presume goes to the small male clip on the starter solenoid. From your pix it looks like one red goes to the hot side of the solenoid on the engine while the other goes to the separate starter solenoid - which one does the fused side go or does it matter? Can't quite get close enough in your pix to be sure. Once the red hot lines are connected correctly does one of these come from the 12v red center line on the rectifier and will charge the battery once the main hot battery terminal is connected? Enclosed is a pix of the orig starter solenoid with original wires still attached I'm going to get. Getting close and couldn't do it without your help - really appreciate it!
  7. Rich16

    Onan P220 for my 520H

    Cleat - I posted about starting a bare p220 off an '88 and have figured it out (thanx to your help and others) and saw this post - can you tell me which line in the 9-pin connector (if it's even there) comes from the 12v DC off the rectifier to the battery? The original engine wiring harness is still on and there's a red line with flat blade spade connector attached heading from the center 12v from the rectifier back into the wiring harness - I can't tell where the other end comes out and heads back to the battery? Many thanks!
  8. Rich16

    p216 Fit P220?

    Hi Guys, Will a muffler from a p216 WH fit my p220 520h or are they different? There are a few on eBay and the least expensive is off a 16hp - not going to get it if it won't fit. Thanks again.
  9. Rich16

    How To Start p220 Onan Off WH

    Lynnmor - do you mean the 12v off the center prong of the rectifier that charges the battery?
  10. Rich16

    How To Start p220 Onan Off WH

    Thanks WH nut - my electrical skills are poor and I kinda sorta understand what you're saying but just to be sure. You lost me after grounding the engine. Can I use the battery on one of my horses (without removing) similar to jumping a car? If I connect battery side + to + on the coil and then ground between tractor frame to engine. What is the large stud on the starter? I only see two similar screw contacts on the solenoid along with a small clip connection between them. Is one of these where I connect positive? Apologize for my electrical ignorance - just don't want to screw anything up!
  11. Rich16

    How To Start p220 Onan Off WH

    I just got a running p220 Onan (engine off 520) and could use help in how to wire it up to start as a 'bare' engine. There are some YouTube vids on 220's off machines but none show how the guys actually wired them up to start - help? I don't want to do anything (too) stupid and screw or burn something electrical up. Bought the engine as a spare for the '91 520h I recently posted on the forum and want to get it tuned and ready to install if ever needed. And yeah, it's kinda fun Many thanks for all the sage wisdom offered here.
  12. Rich16

    Valve Adjust 520h

    Appreciate the comments and now I know what I'll be getting into. Pretty major job and it's running great but has around 650hrs and I know from above what happens if you don't do all of this. It's kinda crazy but the manual says 'Remove all parts necessary to gain access to valve tappets' - not particularly helpful. This forum is terrific!
  13. Rich16

    Valve Adjust 520h

    Hi All, Looked on the site (and YouTube) and can't find anything comprehensive about adjusting valves without taking things apart - most are with engine removed I don't want to do. Can you adjust the valves with engine on by just taking off the air cleaner unit to expose the valve covers and take the plugs out? Can Top Dead Center be found without removing anything else or does the flywheel canopy have to be removed? I've adjusted valves on cars, etc and it's easy and straightforward - but I don't want to have to take anything apart that's unneccesary. Many thanks!
  14. Rich16

    520 NOS Hood

    Hi! Might be interested - am 'fairly' close in Jackson, Tn - hope you're not getting hit too hard by hurricane. Any way to ship or is local pickup only option? Do you have any idea how to get or attach the rubber things that secure back to frame? Many thanks! Rich
  15. Rich16

    520h '91 How To Remove Gauges?

    Thanks Jim! She's getting close and Gets more fun the further along you get!