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  1. Daron1965

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Nice design.. Should be easy enough to add on to, as the heard crows.
  2. Daron1965

    belly weights

    From everything I have heard, they are a great group. I may be there, depends on work schedule. I not far away from you, in Center Twp. Your tractor looks great.
  3. Daron1965

    belly weights

    Are you pulling with the Western PA Garden Tractor Association?
  4. I have the same engine in my 655. I love it. Starts first pull everytime, and has more than enough power.
  5. Daron1965

    what do you do over the cold winter months?

    You succeeded. That should be the line of the day. Wife laughing.
  6. Daron1965

    what do you do over the cold winter months?

    Now that's funny.
  7. Daron1965

    And now...the Back Stories

    This is a great thread. I have to admit it made me remonis about many good memories with family and friends. I truly enjoy reading the great stories and seeing the pictures. A great thread on a great site!
  8. Daron1965

    what do you do over the cold winter months?

    That's a good idea, I already put some rabbit droppings from my rabbits and neighbors rabbits in the garden. That really helped my raised beds last year. .
  9. Daron1965

    Stack Install!!!

    Looks great.
  10. Daron1965

    D-160 advice needed.

    It is the metal line coming off of the pump. I am a little skeptical on this purchase.
  11. Daron1965

    Pulling tractor for Step Son

    I'm located in Western PA. 20 miles North West of Pittsburgh
  12. OK, Im new to this larger scale gardening. I have gardened in a few 4ft by 8ft raised beds for a few years, BUT, now that I have a few horses with plows and harrows, I did larger plots this month. 1st is approx 20ft by 30ft, 2nd is approx 35ft x 60ft. Both have been plowed numerous times. I am wondering what to do next, what needs to be done with the soil, if anything until spring. Do any of you add anything to the soil in the fall? Do you do anything over the winter?
  13. Daron1965

    D-160 advice needed.

    Thank you very much
  14. Daron1965

    D-160 advice needed.

    I have been looking at a D-160 over the last few days. It seems to run well, (a little smoke on start up after setting a few days from the onan). It is bare bones tractor, no deck, no 3 point hitch, and needs new hydro lines. I talked him down to $600 so far, but the lines have me hesitant. Are they hard to replace, can they be made? Just looking for advice from all the knowledgeable people on here. Worth the risk at that price?
  15. Daron1965

    Suggestions please.

    Thank you. Will give them a call.