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    1982 SK486 42" deck has a 42" tiller Kohler 16 horse magnum
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  1. Well I've been busy I found 50" mid mower grater blade and a 40" mid greater blade and  covers for mower deck all fit my 82 sk486 getting  resdy rewire it also beening it was painted  and thay didn't miss a spot wires srarter headlight are all red

  2. Charles123

    Not Fla but

    looks like you got a lot of work ahead a you there I hope it's not too big of an inconvenience for you
  3. Charles123

    Somebody stole the BFH

    Well I wouldn't let him get away with it
  4. Charles123

    RJ58 Steering Wheel/Shaft

    Try and air choose with a punch bid on it
  5. Charles123

    Today’s project

    Oh yes Upper steering shaft Bushing in the console lower support Was broken half Bush and the steering wheel column was Waller Out when people get on the tractors and Use the steering wheel The collar comes loose From theshaft then it all goes downhill from there It is crazy but I'm not bored😃😃😎
  6. Charles123

    Today’s project

    So green on Kohler motors I haven't fell from tree yet🤣🙄😎😏
  7. Charles123

    Today’s project

    What A-day yesterday I'll tell you I got up I have been laying on my glasses all night long and I think I seen crooked all day long Been having problems with the Fan and grass green On my SK486 already was ready to open it up to make the Grass screen work well after closer inspection all I had to do is bump a little metal around the make it work Then noticing that the kill a circuit had 3 spices in itIt's been a while since I've gone back through something than taking care of what someone else didn't have the knowledge of bolts that are going in the lock nuts that are not protruding through So they're not locked Just flat out bolts that are not tightened Front axle pin was loose so I had put a new actual under it I will say the tractor was nice and shiny when I bought it had just been painted Stunk my garage up for 2 weeks I don't believe any harder in the pain Motor was posted then rebuild it run strong let's hope I don't mind doing the rest for But I wanna do It One timeDo write a first Time It Should last other 30 years New spindles wheel bearing Wiring get it all back Together then Take it apart and paintedThat's the planWell show pictures later😂😂😎
  8. Charles123

    Today’s project

    OK here we go haven't 19 to SK486 it has A Ignition update to Electronic Ignition no points plastic flywheel fan The nubs Broken off no grass Screen Have new ones on the old Blower shroud Do you have to open it up to make it fit the new plastic grass Screen
  9. Charles123

    Loose wheel bearings

    Ping Then over and put loctite green sleeve Locker
  10. Looking for a lower steering shaft  SK486 1982 Gear is stamped with 6471L

  11. Charles123

    Identifying big block Kohler block styles

    Thank you much sir Never owned a koler before and was curious
  12. It is on a sk486 01-16kh01 all tag are gone but the magnum thanks
  13. Charles123

    Best model for garden plowing, tilling?

    It has the 1 1 /8 a axles in it that is I was told when I bought it?
  14. Charles123

    Best model for garden plowing, tilling?

    What about the SK486 with 16 horse magnum Manual 8 speed
  15. Charles123

    Best model for garden plowing, tilling?

    What about the SK486 with 16 horse magnum Manual 8 speed