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  1. gamaemry305

    A Little Snow Pushing Footage

    Chris, Great video. What is the secret sauce on the blade to keep the snow from sticking? You have the cleanest blade of all snow removal videos I have watched. Gary
  2. gamaemry305

    K-181 extended oil filler tube

    I'm starting to get around to rebuilding my K-181. I'm using a block other then the origional one and need to transfer the oil filler/dipstick tube over to the new block. My question is, Is the tube threaded or pressed in. If it is pressed in what is the best way to remove it? Thank you, Gary
  3. gamaemry305

    K-181 rebuild question

    Thank you TT. I found it and read up on the ACR. I hope to find a machine shop to get some measurements and their opinion on if it needs any machine work. Gary
  4. gamaemry305

    K-181 rebuild question

    Thank you all for the replies. In trying to figure out why the connecting rod broke in this case, this is what I have found so far. Scored journal on drive shaft. That tiny spring wire on the centrifical weights was unhooked from weight edges. Possibly from impact from connecting rod. Could someone explain to me the principal of the weights? Both weights move freely. But the largest one, which seems to pivot on a sliding pivot point, does not slide along that pivot point. Which seems to limit its movement. Thank you for your help, Gary
  5. gamaemry305

    K-181 rebuild question

    Today I dismantled a Kohler K-181 with a broken connectiong rod. Upon inspection the bore looks good but there is a piece of lower bore broken off. Do you think I can clean that area up and rebuild since its the very bottom of the bore. Or is the block toast!
  6. gamaemry305

    Who has gone to Philmont!?

    I went to Philmont in July 2002 as a Scoutmaster. Missed it when I was a Scout. Would not trade that experience for anything. By the end of this summer I will have sectioned hiked the AT from Harper's Ferry, WV. South to Springer Mountain, Ga.
  7. gamaemry305

    Saturdays Run

    Hey Rick, Nice Tractor. I have a 1045 with a RM-425 deck like yours. I'm having some trouble with PTO belt ware. Could you possibly take some close up pictures of the Tractor-PTO-Mower configuration? I've read some Wheel Horse memos that suggest that the Tractor should have double PTO belts down to the mower. Thank you, Gary
  8. gamaemry305

    Snow Blade Question

    I think it all comes down to the angle of the cutting edge to the ground. The farther forward the blade the less aggressive the blade will be. If you are spreading dirt then a more perpendicular the edge to the ground the less likely the plow will dig into the soil. When snow plowing you want the edge to slide under the snow and ice lifting it and rolling it forward.
  9. gamaemry305

    WH 1045 eating up belts to RM-425 mower deck

    KB9 LOR and Qd-16 Thank you so much for the replies. KB9 LOR sharp eye on the alignment. I had also seen that last Fall and adjusted the engine pulley outward to match the mowers and idle pulley. But I'm sure it helped, I'm still eatting up belts. QD-16 That double pulley looks good but according to the last picture in the doc. below there seems to be a little more involved part wise then what you are showing. So far your my best hope so don't get rid of it yet. http://www.mywheelhorse.com/graphics/file/...1965_RM-425.pdf :thumbs:
  10. gamaemry305

    WH 1045 eating up belts to RM-425 mower deck

    OK, In my persuit of trying to figure out the reason for excessive belt ware I have run accross several service bulletins for the rotary deck RM-425 on www.wheelhorse.com . It seems that this is not only my problem but one that Wheel Horse produced several fixes for. On my WH 1045 I have a double pulley on the engine and the mower . But, only a single on the PTO idler. The Wheel Horse fix was to put a double pulley on the PTO idler thus adding another belt to the PTO. In the years or so that I have been on this forum I can not remember ever seeing a double PTO idle pulley on any of the 60's tractors. Can anyone add any insight to this fix (kit 6058) and if anyone has or would be interested in selling one? Thank you, Gary
  11. gamaemry305

    Pedal Tractor Decals

    Here is a project I just finished. (yes i know the green is a little had to take) I purchased the rear tires and decals from: Potter's Farm Toys 390 Hamilton Rd. Cochranville, Pa 19330 610-593-2319 rcpotter@zoominternet.net Paint can from Tractor Supply Implement Green and Yellow As far as price I don'nt know how competitive they were but she was very nice to deal with on the phone and the parts arrived quickly.
  12. gamaemry305

    Need a pic and some measurements...

    Tractor View (Looking very optimistic for snow in NC) Belt Cover Minus Belt Guard Measurement taken from left side of idler shaft. The previous post had much better pictures and a 1045 with both guard supports. I didn't realize that I was missing one of my supports until viewing Bell's pictures. I think I would manufacture the supports bolt them to the guard and then mark the locations using the belt guard to set the location. I hope this helps a little. Gamaemry
  13. gamaemry305

    Steering Wheel Question

    Can This be fixed? I was wondering if there was some way to heat up the plastic and melting it back together. Oh, Any of you guys know if this dealer is still in place?
  14. gamaemry305

    1045 Short Frame Issue

    Is it common for short frame tractors to have this frame problem? I have been chasing down an excessive PTO belt wear problem and found this when I started cleaning up the PTO pullies. Right Side Left Side, Small plate welded on inside
  15. gamaemry305

    OK ... Back to the 1045 subject

    Bill, Checked my 1045 today and my serial number is 22036. Gary Raleigh, NC