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  1. Bmaui24

    ISO Lug tires

    Now I'm looking for the ag tires for front. 15x6.00-6
  2. Bmaui24

    ISO Lug tires

    Found some tires through www.giga-tires.com. WDT
  3. First pic is the now. Second pic is when it was found in tall grass. Third pic is the tear down getting ready to sand and paint.
  4. Bmaui24

    ISO Lug tires

    Thanks for link. Bit pricey there.
  5. Bmaui24

    ISO Lug tires

    I'm looking for a decent set (2) of 23 x 9.5 x 12 lug tires for my WH 312-8. No dry rot, holes, etc.
  6. Hi  tim here

      did you get my pics?  Just wondering.


    thanks  tim

  7. Bmaui24

    36” Tiller

    Add pics brother.
  8. Bmaui24

    Choke cable

    Let me measure mine and I'll get back to ya.
  9. Bmaui24

    Choke cable

    I'm looking for a new choke cable for my 312-8 Wheel Horse. It has a 12 hp Kohler Magnum. Where might I get one? Are they universal?
  10. Thanks for the tips. Not sure how I will like the shiny. I used rubberized undercoating on foot rests and then sprayed over red. We'll see.
  11. Bmaui24

    New Horse Man

    More pics of my project.
  12. Bmaui24

    New Horse Man

    Ok, got this tractor home and began tearing it down for restoration.
  13. Bmaui24

    New Horse Man

    I inherited my first Wheel Horse, an 312-8, from my brother, who happened upon it in his travels. It didn't appear to have been run in some time as it sat outside with weeds growing over it. After about 30 minutes we had it running. Needed a new fuel pump ($17), fresh gas, and a little WD40. We spent a good couple hours freeing things up and putting tubes in back wheels and she runs like a top. More to come...
  14. Hood was a bit rough.
  15. Taped off decals and gave a fresh coat of paint on dash.