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  1. WildmanC120

    C series confusion

    Then there is this guy with the Briggs twin. Mine does not have the Briggs anymore though.
  2. WildmanC120

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Looking really good. Can you tell us about the eaton swap? I have a GT14 I am working on currently and this could be a good option.
  3. WildmanC120

    Got the 71' GT14 Running Today

    I know backup may have looked OK but its bad. No power there, lags as it takes a second or 2 to start moving etc.
  4. WildmanC120

    Got the 71' GT14 Running Today

    I'll take a look when I figure out where they are. haha
  5. I picked this up a few weeks ago as you all know. I have not touched it since. Even though we got some snow last night, it was a decent day here at almost 40 degrees. Got myself a battery as the old one was a tiny atv battery and no good. Also made some new cables to match the battery. Ignore the red negative cable as that's all they had in stock. I'll put some black heat shrink on it later but it works for now. I also made that battery hold down clamp as the stock one was missing. Replaced the muffler too as it was full of holes. Engine runs pretty well although it is down on power and smokes pretty good. Ill either replace it with a 16hp or rebuild this one and maybe add a cam and a long rod setup. We will see what happens but it runs for now so it will allow me to work on the trans. As for the trans as you can see it goes forward ok. Seems to have good power going forward. Was unable to really test it as the ground is covered in snow. Reverse...that's another issue. Reverse is pretty gutless and does not work very well. I cannot tell how much oil is in the trans as its really hard to see on the dipstick, but there is oil in it and and it will drip off the bottom so I know there is at least dipstick level in it. The hydro lift works OK so I don't think I have serious issues. I'll probably start by draining the trans, replace filter and fill with new ATF. 1971 Wheel Horse GT14
  6. Thanks guys. Appreciate it. Always got screwed for presents and parties. Everyone was partied out already and broke from xmas haha. I did buy myself a brand new 3 point hitch for my GT14 I just got so happy bday to me!
  7. WildmanC120

    Project D-220

    I'm thinking the same thing. Very sad to find this thread and none of the pics are there anymore. I am about to pick up a cheap D-160 with a blown motor and was thinking about doing another 22hp Predator swap. Took me a few hours of searching engine swaps to see what people have done and finally find this thread. Sad to see there are no pics as this would be perfect.
  8. WildmanC120

    C-120 Automatic for K341

    Looking to trade my C-120 Automatic for a good condition K341 engine.
  9. WildmanC120

    Anyone build a performance K series for yard work?

    Thanks for the link. It's pretty overwhelming though. I sent an email about what I want and what I want to do. Maybe i'll get a response. Thinking just a long rod and basic cam change would be sweet. Set it at 4k rpm and let it sing.
  10. The K321 in my recently acquired GT14 is pretty tired. It runs well but smokes. I'm trying to decide if I want to put a 16hp in it, or just rebuild the 14HP that I already have. I am kinda leaning toward rebuilding the 14HP since I already have it and that less money into the project at the moment. Has anyone put a cam or long rod in their engines for yard work? Billet rod? Higher Compression? Just curious about longevity on something like that. Not wanting to go crazy but I feel if I could probably get into the 16-18hp range I would be happy with it. I have found a few places to get parts from just by google. Where do you get your parts from?
  11. WildmanC120

    Whats the general consensus on the GT14?

    That I understand and I do have. The terminals on this tiny battery were not typical posts. I will get some correct bolts when I get a battery for this soon.
  12. WildmanC120

    Whats the general consensus on the GT14?

    You will have to explain farther. I'm not too familiar with these yet. All I know is that I re zip tied the thermals so at least they were tight so I could get the tractor off the trailer and around back of the house. I didn't have any bolts that fit and am gonna go get a battery. Anyways, when the jumper cables were on the engine ran nice and smooth as it should. When the cables were removed the rpm went down and it seemed to hunt up and down the rpm range.
  13. WildmanC120

    Whats the general consensus on the GT14?

    Went outside earlier to take the GT14 off the trailer and bring it out back. Went to start it and battery was dead. I was expecting that since it was jumped yesterday. I open the hood to find this gem of a battery connection haha. It fired right up and the engine sounds pretty good. Shame it has a healthy haze of oil coming from the exhaust. Guess I will just have to rebuild it or replace with a 16hp. I would prefer the 16hp option. I didn't really get to test the hydro today. The lift works so that's a plus. It does drive under its own power but I couldn't run it much above idle since one you disconnect the jumper cables it spits and spudders due to the battery situation. It probably wont be until about April now till I get to work on it. Just too cold around here till then unfortunately. I forgot to mention before, but it came with this plow. I am unsure if its the right one for it though.
  14. WildmanC120

    Whats the general consensus on the GT14?

    I live in Moreau. Work for GF in the Fab.
  15. WildmanC120

    Whats the general consensus on the GT14?

    Sounds like a good plan. Are you still in semi conductor? Maybe work outta Malta?