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  1. WildmanC120

    C-161 New Wheel Questions

    I appreciate the offer but we may be a little too far apart to be cost effective for either of us unfortunately.
  2. WildmanC120

    C-161 New Wheel Questions

    My priority is to get out of this hostile crap hole of a state and move to the Vermont border where I can live free and still get to work.
  3. WildmanC120

    Predator 22HP Engine Swap. Who has done one???

    So I ran power from battery to inline fuze holder, to switch then switch to PTO. PTO grounded to engine.
  4. WildmanC120

    Predator 22HP Engine Swap. Who has done one???

    Power for the engine or for the PTO?
  5. WildmanC120

    C-161 New Wheel Questions

    Moreau NY
  6. WildmanC120

    C-161 New Wheel Questions

    I don't have a welder or a garage. I have a small shed and typically work outside. I just want standard wheel horse size wheels. Shouldn't be too hard to come by.
  7. WildmanC120

    C-161 New Wheel Questions

    Thank you. So I guess none of those will work. Are those front wheels OK?
  8. Tractor is in good shape for age. Has new drive belt, New coil, New carb, New air filter. Engine runs well and sounds good but does smoke for a second on start up. Hydro works as it should and is very strong. New LED lights installed. Sorry its dirty but pics are from October and its now put away.
  9. WildmanC120

    C-161 New Wheel Questions

    So I have decided I should just get new wheels for my C-161, and leave the old wheels as they are with the old turfs and chains etc for winter. I already have new tires but I want to get the same size wheels as I have already. I am not sure which rear wheels are correct. I think these are correct for the front. Front Wheel Rear wheel choices: 4" backspacing 6" backspacing
  10. WildmanC120

    Predator Swapped C-161 is a BEAST

    Might just be the angle of the picture. I would hope that this is enough room.
  11. WildmanC120

    Predator Swapped C-161 is a BEAST

    I was surprised. I couldn't go anywhere with just the turf's. Adding the chains made a huge difference.
  12. Today was the 1st snow fall for me here in upstate NY. It was also the maiden voyage for my C-161 and the 22hp predator swap. We got about 6" of heavy, wet stuff and the 42" single stage went through it like nothing. Of course this was after I managed to get unstuck and back in a clear spot. I bought some new AG's and weights but it was too late to swap tires, so all I had was turfs and rear weights. This setup proved to be a fail haha. I managed to suffer through and when I was done ran to TSC and picked up a set of chains. WOW...What a difference. Night and day I couldn't believe it. Now I just need to find a set of wheel spacers so I can make a little clearance so I can install the inner set of weights. My mufflers changed color from silver/grey to a nice golden color. The predator runs much much better now to now that it was able to get nice and warm and run for awhile. It did not like to idle without a little choke and now once warmed up will idle nice. I'm sure as it continues to break in it will just get better. Plus i'm sure there was some residual crap gas in the tank that is working its way through the system.
  13. I'm not sure the model number, but I have a tall chute on my c-161. It also fits my c-120 and c-160.
  14. WildmanC120

    C-161 Twin Battery Clamp

    I'm not sure as mine is missing, but I believe it is some kind of threaded rod and a piece of 90* bent channel that fits over edge of battery.
  15. WildmanC120

    16HP Briggs From C-161 Twin

    Looking to sell the twin 16hp briggs that came out of my C-161 recently. Tractor sat a few years outside before I got it. I cleaned and rebuilt the carb and installed a new magneto. Got the engine running which it seemed to run well. Did not smoke and didn't make any weird noises. Engine is currently locked up as it just randomly locked up starting it a few days after getting it running. It was cranking over fine then began to slow and then locked up. Unsure if its a loose bolt binding or maybe water in the oil since it sat for a few years outside and spun a bearing. Anyways it should make a good rebuild or maybe even easy fix. Complete with the PTO parts if you want them. As you can see it ran well just 4 weeks ago. This was before coil and carb clean. 16hp briggs running