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  1. Cetan08

    Drive pully.

    I am being lazy today so trying to avoid going to the garage in the cold. Does the same pulley wh 7466 that fits on the K-341 also fit on the BF MS Onan. I have looked at several files and cannot find the shaft sizes and can only find the pulley listed on the tractor with the K-341. I probably missed it. I did say that I am being lazy today. 😁
  2. Finished the upper half of my Onan BF MS yesterday and was surprised that it fired right up after just a few cranks. Had it sitting on the bench so couldn't do to much tuning. To busy holding it still. Took it over and put it on the 416-8. Originally the got had a Kohler single 16 but used it on my D-160 so it would be factory. This will have all my horses back in action. Just need to build the exhaust, do the wiring and bolt everything down tight. Around 50 outside yesterday so got a lot done. No heat in my garage and temps dropping hard today so going to be a while before I get back at it.
  3. Cetan08

    Small Blessings

    You and your wife have my prayers. Live today as there is no tomorrow but look forward to tomorrow and plan for the future is our philosophy. I know that miracles are real. I have seen them in my own life. Bless you both and your Families.
  4. Cetan08

    Small Blessings

    Update on my wife. Just received the lab tests back from Cleveland clinic and my wife is at advanced stage 3 of her non-alcahol related liver disease. Primary Biliary sceroses. She has never drank or smoked but was poisened in an orchard years ago and got cancer. Just waiting for a call from the Doctor to see where we go from here.
  5. I agree. That gap may be close on the 10 pinion but any gap is prone to catching on teeth and chipping. I will try one without a gap and a different shape.
  6. Definitely going to look into it. I love a challenge like this. I have the time and the determination.
  7. I can see where wheelhorse would not develop an LS 8 pinion. First it would take away from the specialty of the 10 pinion LS. Secondly it would require time and costs in development along with working against the one thing they worked hard to achieve, standardization. It would be nice for us to come up with something simply because so many would like to have it along with the fact that there are limited numbers of 10 pinion LS's available. Clearly the open diff. works as proven by history but it sure is sweet having that little extra when its needed.
  8. Looks like the issue is settled. pfrederi has a post that indicates he just recently tried it and it failed because the spring does not apply enough pressure on the pinions of the 8 pinion. I guess a modified spring is in order.
  9. So we have concluded that you cannot make an LS out of an 8 pinion with the spring from a 10 pinion if I am reading this correctly. It is my idea then to redesign the spring so that we can achieve our goal of making the 8 pinion an LS. I agree with the gap in the spring causing the jerking and the ease of installation indicating the need for a larger and stronger spring for the 8.
  10. Rebuilt the bottom end of my BF MS Onan today and going to finish the intake and valve adjustment tomorrow. Then it goes into the 416-8 finally getting it going again.
  11. Cetan08

    Security System and Cameras

    I have a nite owl system. The cameras are 1080p with nite vision. I have 4 cameras but the DVR is set up for 8. Picture quality is excellent and if you have high speed internet you can view your home over your phone or tablet from anywhere at no cost. My system cost around 350.00. It is hard wired and I installed it myself in just a couple of hours. It will record and store for a couple of months and then record over the oldest. I have a 1 teribite HDD but you can get a 2 ter. You can also back up to a flash drive or external hard drive. I was able to prosecute a couple of idiots with the footage from my system. It also gives you alerts on your phone when someone or thing enters your set zones. And I repeat, not paying for a service.
  12. I agree that there was a reason for dropping the ten pinion after a short time. I suspect that it was excessive wear or even the spring breaking and we all know what that could do. We shall see.
  13. Where can I get the spring? I have an 8 in my C-121 and will take it apart and try it. Would love to see this work for all the 8 pinion owners but if it doesn't then we can make something.
  14. How about a spring shaped like this rather than a round one. The pinion gears set in the dips in the spring. The dips are set to match all eight pinions. I agree Skipper. Making it like an auto locker would be cost prohibited. I was thinking more in the lines of creating some sort of friction plates between the ends of the axles. One of those things where I can see the picture in my mind but just cannot put it clearly into words.