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  1. Skwerl58

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    I picked up a 48" Disc harrow yesterday and got all the blades freed up and turning today. Installed a new deck drive belt and cleaned the brake lining and adjusted them on my 1986 414-8. After mowing I washed the mower and took some pictures. I now have a tiller, cultivator, plow, disc harrow and push blade for the tractor.
  2. Just ordered a for my 414-8.
  3. Skwerl58

    1986 414-8 clevis lift question

    Thanks for the quick response, I will leave well enough alone and if any issues arise I will replace with the other one.
  4. I have had my tractor about 8 years and purchased from original owners estate with low hours. It included the mowing deck , push blade and manual lift with the clevis hitch. I have been picking up attachments and finally got a tiller from the early 90's and mounted it. I used info from this site to mount the tiller and after mounting I remembered that I saw a shaft with some slots in the accesories I received with the tractor. My question is will the newer style rocker shaft with the slots be a correct replacement for my older shaft that only hooks to the clevis chain in one place? Great site and thanks for any help that you can provide!!