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  1. Mows4three

    Favorite weekend breakfast

    Jim: Know what you mean. It's the most important meal of the day. I'm going to wander over to the Youngstown Grille on Thursday to meet a friend and get me a 1-2-3. My lips are smacking already. Cheers! Dave
  2. Mows4three

    Favorite weekend breakfast

    I cant argue with any of that breakfast, Randy! Sounds good. Chorizo gravy, huh? Gotta try that. Dave
  3. Mows4three

    17 hp Koehler Twin in a C-175

    Thanks to everyone for the replies. I’ll see if I can get the number off of the engine and hope it’s a series II motor. I dont know any of the service history and I doubt the current owner does. Buying used is always a crap shoot so I want to even the odds as much as possible. Regards and thanks again! Dave
  4. Need somebody to weigh in... Does anyone have a strong opinion, one way or the other, about a 17 HP Kohler twin motor or a C-175 Wheel Horse with an 8 speed transmission? I know where there is one sitting and I think the owner will part with it for the right price but I don't know too much about either the motor or this model tractor. Thoughts? Cheers! Dave
  5. Mows4three

    Favorite weekend breakfast

    Thise are awesome! Have you tried them out yet? Dave
  6. Mows4three

    Favorite weekend breakfast

    How about "Bullseye Eggs?" Anybody ever make them for your Scouts or kids at home?
  7. Mows4three

    Favorite weekend breakfast

    Hey Jim, It's been a long time since I was a Scout and my son was active in Scouting, but I forgot all about the Birds Nest Breakfast. We also made bacon and eggs in a paper bag right on the grey ash over hot coals. Thanks for the trip back in time!!!
  8. Mows4three

    Favorite weekend breakfast

    The best meatloaf ever. Actually, it's better than my mother's meatloaf. Please don't go telling her I said that...! We are fortunate to have a couple good local meat markets that kill their own beef and hogs. Fresh is never an issue. Nancy gets her ground beef from the one on Crabtree, PA. Buys "double ground" beef. Her recipe comes from a woman that had a Pittsburgh cable show for years and specialized in regional comfort foods. Meatloaf was just one of dozens of good recipes Nancy picked up from her show. Dang. I'm getting a hankerin' for meatloaf, again.
  9. Mows4three

    Favorite weekend breakfast

    Yeah, buddy! That's what I'm talking about!
  10. Mows4three

    Favorite weekend breakfast

    My wife thinks I'm crazy but I love to crumble a slice of her left over meatloaf into a skillet, brown it up a bit, them crack three eggs over it and turn them once. Served on toasted wheat bread with a slice of smoked Gouda, its worth a king's ransom. Good stuff. And strong coffee to go with it. I like it so strong that sailors turn up their noses!
  11. Mows4three

    Favorite weekend breakfast

    Hey Kyle, We have a place in Beaver Falls, PA named Orams Bakery. They make the best cinnamon doughnuts in the Pittsburgh area, and HUGE ones at that. Over 6" in diameter. We go there about once once a year and treat (gorge) ourselves on the pastries. It's a very popular place. In the summer time there is a line 100' down the block waiting for doughnuts. My wife and I were there once and we got the last four cinnamon doughnuts. We got stares from the people behind us that would have cut down a mere mortal man. We got into the old sedan and hightailed it out of town as fast as the four-cylinder turbo would haul us! Here is a photo of these puppies. They can only put six in a box and can't put a lid on them. They really are amazing. Cheers! Dave
  12. Mows4three

    Favorite weekend breakfast

    Doing better. Big appointment in Pittsburgh at the Hillman on Tuesday. We are still pushing forward. Dave
  13. Mows4three

    Favorite weekend breakfast

    Where are you in Cumbria? Surely there's a good place for breakfast in Kendal or Penrith.
  14. Mows4three

    Favorite weekend breakfast

    Corned beef hash and eggs is our go to breakfast at hunting camp. Good stuff. Sticks to your ribs. Dave
  15. OK. I have gotten to know a few of you guys on the forum. Seems to me we share a lot of the same passions (a fondness for Wheel Horse tractors) and have the same mindset (thrifty and resourceful). I've also formed the opinion that, like me, you're mostly over 40 and in the eternal battle of keeping a manageable waistline. On the weekends the missus and I like to go to a little diner near us called the Youngstown Grille. We see a lot of our friends there and we can always find lively conversation with the wait staff and patrons. My buddies and I started ordering the same "off menu" breakfast and have coined a name for it. We call it the 1-2-3. It's one 14" pancake, two pieces of sausage and three eggs over easy, all on the same plate. Comes with a large mug of coffee and I think we pay $7.99 for it. A guaranteed belly buster. Of course I respectfully acknowledge that thevYoungstown Grille is not a diner in the true sense of a NJ diner, but it has its ambiance, the folks that work there are friendly and they make some awesome food. It also doesn't hurt that Arnold Palmer used to frequent the place when he was at home (its only about 1/2 mike from his house). How about it guys? What's your favorite place for and what's your favorite weekend comfort food? Cheers! Dave; Latrobe, PA