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  1. Mows4three

    Beautiful collection...hope y'all enjoy

    This summer my wife and I went Way Out West on vacation. Made plans to stop at Farmall Land USA in Avoca, IA on the way home. The only day of the week they are closed is on Monday and you guessed it, it was the only day we could fit it in our schedule. Just reason enough to go back there again some time soon. Cheers! Dave
  2. Mows4three

    Edit: Patriot Horse is Tried/Tested in snow !!

    Eric: Don't stop at headlights. You need a cab, a heater and SKIS.....! Just saying..... Dave
  3. Mows4three

    Beautiful collection...hope y'all enjoy

    That was a really cool video. The fellow that has that collection sure has some passion about tractors. Cheers! Dave
  4. Mows4three

    Vintage Trucks

    My first pickup was a '52 Ford with a straight six and three on the column. Had been a service truck for the Bell Telephone Company. It originally wore a dull olive drab green paint but the farmer I bought it from painted it robin's egg blue with a brush. It had a 6 volt system that disliked any weather colder than 50 degrees. I never changed it over to 12 volt, just selectively parked it on a slope wherever I took it and caught it in second gear. Side vent windows, a center console cowl vent and two vents on the inside panels near your feet provided more than enough air circulation in the summer. It had virtually no capacity for heating in the winter. The windshield wipers were vacuum actuated and would stop moving when you pressed the accelerator going up a big hil, which in western Pennsylvania meant half of your traveling was up one side of a hill. It had a wooden bed which I replaced with fresh cut white oak from my buddy's sawmill. All of the trim was polished stainless steel. I really loved that truck. Tooled around in it for several years until I decided that I needed FWD. I sold the '52 Ford to a friend who eventually did a full frame up restoration on it and finished it in candy apple red with so many clear top coats you thought you could bury your finger in the paint. Ended up buying a '76 Ford 3/4 ton Highboy with a four speed on the floor, Warn hubs and a 360 under the hood. Found a 390 truck engine with extra heavy main bearing reinforcements and built my first complete engine. Love me a good ol' Ford pickup! Cheers! Dave
  5. Gee Eric, you sure took the bait on that one, didn't you?!?!? LOL!!! Seriously, this looks like a fun project. Slip some old Ski-Do skis onto your axles and off to the races you go! I'm going to hang on for the ride on this thread! Hope a couple of RSers come up with some novel ideas. The photo below was somewhere deep deep on the interweb, but it shows what we we gabbing about earlier today. Let's see what ya got fellas! Cheers! Dave
  6. Mows4three

    Wheel Horse anonymous

    Artmilaca: From an old post of mine....... "A buddy of mine expressed to me that he has a bit of tractor envy after seeing me bring home a second Wheel Horse in 60 days. After he mentioned this to me I thought I had a problem but, bless his heart, he straightened me right out. According to him: Owning one Wheel Horse means you are just a recreational user. Owning two Wheel Horses means you have an appreciation for fine machinery. Owning three Wheel Horses means you have an attraction. Four, it's turned into an obsession. Five, it's pretty much a full blown addiction. and six, well you really need to join Red Square and begin your next post with:  Hello, my name is ________________, and I have a Wheel Horse problem.  He's also convinced that Rustolem Regal Red should be reclassified as a gateway drug." By his logic, you've now entered the danger zone.... Cheers! Dave
  7. Mows4three

    Single "Ripper" Spike Attachment

    That's a great idea. I'm going to keep this in mind. Cheers! Dave
  8. Mows4three

    GT1800 Hydro paint

    Don, That's one sweet looking paint job. Kudos! Cheers! Dave
  9. Mows4three

    Single "Ripper" Spike Attachment

    Bronco: Try searching the inter web by entering "3-point implements." Once you get a good hit, look at images. I found a lot of good ideas that could be adapted to several kinds of hitches, as long as you think creatively. I just ordered the steel today for my next project. I'm in the process of building a category 0 tool bar for two purposes, bedding some underground cable for a new building I'm putting up in the spring and using the ripper shank, in my case ripper shanks, to loosen up dirt where I need to form a drainage ditch in my orchard. My plans are to fabricate three offset positions on the tool bar to give me the option to use one, two or three standard ripper shanks borrowed from my 7' box blade. They will be adjustable for depth by sandwiching them between pieces of 3" angle and using hitch pins to secure them. Both jobs that I have in mind could be done with "Big George," my International 460 Utility tractor, but it will likely tear the $#*! out of my orchard. Instead I'll use my newly acquired White GT 1855 with the hydraulic 3-point hitch on it. It is more compact, but lacks the soil contact weighting of "Big George." Just got wheel weights and chains for the White GT. Will fill the rears and add a front weight box to it over the winter. Come springtime, I should have it ready to go. In my limited experience using ripping shanks on our farm, I found that the type of soil makes a big difference and so does the angle of attack. By playing with the length of the top link (thus, varying the angle) and the depth setting of the ripper shanks, you can get them to dig in better in some soils. In others, you'll run out of traction when you apply too much down pressure and you'll have to be content taking smaller bites. Good luck with your project. Post photos. I'd enjoy seeing how you approach the solution of using a ripper with a clevis hitch. Cheers! Dave
  10. Mows4three

    I wonder what's in this package?

    That right there is some well taken and very appreciated advice. I can pretty nearly guarantee you that that would have happened to me. You may have noticed I'm not the smallest fellow in the world so that lever is actually going to be on the inside of my knee. Eric, Not that it's any of my business, but if you are cradling that lever on the inside of your knee, you might also want to consider wearing a cup........! Just saying. Cheers! Dave
  11. Mows4three


    Model 5318 according the R & B Wheel Horse Stables web site. They also have a good photo showing the spreader. Cheers! Dave
  12. Welcome!   



    1. PA.BOB


      Thank you mows. Bob.

  13. Mows4three

    Happy Halloween Ride

    Man, I LOVE that Cherry Bomb. Takes me back to the 70's when I was trying to hot rod an AMC Hornet. Embarrassing when I look back at it, but it's all I had at the time. "Run what ya brung," I heard someone say here recently. Great photos with the kids. Keep them close so you know where they are. Too much evil in the world today. Cheers! Dave
  14. Mows4three

    Happy Halloween Ride

    Is that a Cherry Bomb on that 502???? Dave
  15. Mows4three

    Happy Halloween Ride

    Hey Pullstart! That's some mighty flat country out your way in Michigan. Looks like good ground, too. I'll bet you would love to have some of those rocks and boulders EBinMaine has to contend with. I'll bet Eric dreams about flat ground like yours when he slumbers (he never sleeps - I heard he only gets drowsy and always has one eye open). Happy Halloween everyone! Cheers! Dave