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  1. Unitedcs1

    PTO Clutch for 267H

    Here's the Husqvarna clutch if anyone needs it. I think the shaft size is 1-1/8" but not sure.
  2. Unitedcs1

    PTO Clutch for 267H

    This is it. The plug is not a big deal. I had a another clutch off an old Husqvarna scrap mower I pulled hoping it would fit but the shaft size was larger. If you or someone else could use it's available.
  3. Unitedcs1

    PTO Clutch for 267H

    Sorry about the bees. I'd be interested in it if it fits. Thanks
  4. Unitedcs1

    PTO Clutch for 267H

    Any luck ?
  5. Unitedcs1

    PTO Clutch for 267H

    The tractor model is #72085 w/a Kohler CV17 motor. The shaft size is 1" The toro clutch pt# is 92–6885
  6. Unitedcs1

    267H Electrical Problem

    Thanks to all. Pretty sure I isolated it to the clutch as the amp draw was way out of spec. Ordered an extreme aftermarket replacement for it (159) as opposed to 425+ for a toro oem. I'll let you all know how it goes. Thanks again
  7. Unitedcs1

    PTO Clutch for 267H

    Need a PTO clutch for a 267H
  8. Hello All, I'm very limited in diagnosing electrical issues and need some help. I have a 1998 267H. It's been a great machine for over 20yrs and it's well maintained. The issue I'm now having is that it keeps blowing the 30amp fuse and PTO switch. I replace both, start mowing and after about 10min it completely dies. The 30amp fuse is blown and the switch is dead. If I bypass the PTO switch and replace the fuse I can get it to start again. I ran all the meter tests listed in the service manual and suspect the PTO but not sure. Can anyone give advice on how to make sure it is the PTO? Is thier another way to test the PTO before buying a new one and finding out that it is another issue ? Thanks