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  1. oldredrider

    310-8 no start with key

    To get a good answer, need to know if it's a K series or Magnum engine. Different wiring between the two.
  2. oldredrider

    Rear hitch on a C-81

    Different sizes. The rock shaft for pre '78 models is longer. You can cut the right side shaft shorter and regroove it for the snap ring. $20 at a machine shop.
  3. oldredrider

    Blowed spark plug

    A sleeve would be obvious. You could visually see it...about 1/16" in cylinder.
  4. oldredrider


    I've got one for sale. Send me a PM if interested. Central Va location but may be heading north soon.
  5. oldredrider

    Out with the new, in with the old!

    No worries indeed Dell. He didn't have room for it on the truck anyway!
  6. oldredrider

    What is the biggest single cylinder put in a horse?

    A Courage engine is total junk. Aluminum block, nylon cam gears and a very poor design. Consider yourself lucky if you get 200 hours out of one. The Cub lawn tractors have them and after a year or two, they either blow themselves up or tear the blocks apart. Built for people who don't mind buying a new mower every 2-3 years.
  7. oldredrider

    Model year on C-125?

    After marking up my driveway too many times, I switched to rubber chains. No marks whatsoever. Been running them for years now. Traction is just as good as with steel chains. I won't go back to steel chains for driveway plowing. For dirt and mud, steel chains are fine.
  8. oldredrider

    Boosting Horses

    Ahhhhhh! The 12 fin K341...good choice. Go big or go home.
  9. oldredrider

    Starter not able to turn rebuilt engine

    Is your battery hooked up correctly? Neg to ground, Pos to solenoid.
  10. oldredrider

    A couple K181 questions.

    Adding, after chasing the threads, blow out the holes with compressed air. Use Never Seize on the head bolt threads.
  11. oldredrider

    Can you help identify this pile of parts?

    I'm with @Howie on this one. Smaller crank shaft and no oil pump provision would exclude it from being an H55C.
  12. oldredrider

    Pull cord rope. What type?

    #4 rope. Tractor Supply has it in rolls. Cheaper that way.
  13. oldredrider

    1949 Farmall cub.

    Also, check the brakes; you might need them!
  14. oldredrider

    Magnum 10

    Kohlers are ALWAYS worth rebuilding.
  15. oldredrider

    compression release

    Use your dial indicator on the exhaust valve itself. See how much lift you have during compression release. This, of course, is with the proper valve clearance already set. I would think .030-.035 lift would be appropriate.