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  1. oldredrider

    Hello from NW Arkansas

    As long as it has the internal resistor, it will work.
  2. oldredrider

    Hello from NW Arkansas

    Just take a points file with you next time. Clean them up before anything else. Good luck!
  3. oldredrider

    Hello from NW Arkansas

    I'm with 953 nut. Many moons ago, when I first discovered Wheel Horses, did a lot of research and decided I HAD to have C-160. Fast forward a few years, have owned a few of them but sold them because they are in high demand around here and "everything has a price". Several years ago I got a C-160 auto that I am determined to keep. NOT FOR SALE! Has always done (with ease) everything demanded of it. Pay whatever she wants and feel good about helping her out and your new acquisition.
  4. oldredrider

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    This is how it's done!
  5. oldredrider

    Carb replacement

    Try gapping the points at .020. It will work much better.
  6. oldredrider

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    If you put a smaller pulley on the blower, it will really move some air.
  7. oldredrider

    Mrs. Pullstart

    But....will it fit in your truck?
  8. oldredrider

    New synolid won't start

    Check your ammeter connections. Loose or broken wires will kill it dead.
  9. oldredrider

    K341 carburetor tuning questions

    Check your points setting. I would go with .019.
  10. oldredrider

    Engine goes under load then snubs out

    Definitely a rare occurance. It might be interesting to repeat the situation on a bench. Next time I have one up there, I'll try shorting the stator and see what happens... Of course it'll be someone else's motor! Just kidding. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. oldredrider


    Found this in one of my files: ReliaMark. RMK-172115BHRM. Give that a try.
  12. oldredrider

    New Lawn Ranger and learned some lessons

    Advice...buy a lottery ticket!
  13. oldredrider

    Briggs & Stratton 11hp on a GT2500 issue

    Briggs engines use aluminum keys so the magnet won't find it, if it is out there.
  14. oldredrider

    Keep fighting or sell?

    I have to admit I haven't had good luck with the cheap pumps. Gone thru a few and they just stop. No pumping noise at all. Voltage going to them has been 12-13 VDC. Got one on a C-141 that pumps but also leaks.
  15. oldredrider

    Keep fighting or sell?

    The cam seemed worn in the engine. It's not a high hour engine, maybe 300 hrs at most. Wouldn't give enough throw on a brand new pump to make it work. Seems to be a common problem with the 12 and 14 Magnum engines as lots of owners have gone to electric pumps on these models.