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  1. Cat Balou

    What have got myself? New from Western Australia

    Yeah he had the speaker mounted under the seat. radio is cactus but i might replace it.
  2. Cat Balou

    Wanted 753 Main belt guard and/or seat

    Hello. I am chasing a 753 main belt guard. also looking for a 753 seat in good to mint condition. Will pay for all shipping costs. regards
  3. Cat Balou

    What have got myself? New from Western Australia

    thanks for the welcome. I'm sure i'll have more questions to come. regards
  4. Gday all I have just entered the previously unknown (to me) world of wheel horse. Today i picked up this garden tractor . i am told it may be an early 60s model and that it was re-powered at some stage with an 8hp Kohler. Its in fairly good nick considering its age. Serial no is 62-24420 It came with an unused grader blade, a pair of 4 tyne rippers( unused) , mower deck and a home made trailer. Quick questions What model do i have here? Is there a resource showing the build dimensions of the main guard belt (missing). or where to buy repro? im am learning fast thanks in advance Steve