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  1. Goat 2141


    I have 520h how do you know if its long or short frame
  2. Goat 2141

    Adjustments pto

    Ty all for the help maybe take a short video to it .
  3. Goat 2141

    PARTS...PARTS...PARTS 30+ Years accumulated

    Looking for a belt 42" snowblower If you have wheel kit that made for it to ty.
  4. Goat 2141


  5. Goat 2141


    Were would fine a cab or how to make one .
  6. Goat 2141

    Adjustments pto

    How would you balance it I got this .
  7. Goat 2141

    Air filter

  8. Goat 2141

    Adjustments pto

    Here's my pics
  9. Goat 2141


    Were doses this hose go
  10. Goat 2141

    Adjustments pto

    Have 520h with 42" snowblower is a way to make adjustments on it the belt to loses.
  11. Goat 2141

    No charge

    Were is rectifier at . All fuse are good ty for the help
  12. Goat 2141

    No charge

    Battery is new
  13. Goat 2141

    No charge

    Ty will Checkit out
  14. Goat 2141

    No charge

    Have a 520h it will charge the battery how can fix it.