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  1. dannyj74

    1978 c81 with a k181

    Thank you
  2. dannyj74

    1978 c81 with a k181

    That's great thank you
  3. dannyj74

    C-81 Ignition switch

    Hows your Project coming along? I just pick on of these beauties up myself.
  4. dannyj74

    1978 c81 with a k181

    Thanks for your assistance. Once I took the challenge of learning the components I couldn't stop till i heard it fire up. Im a industrial electrician for Dairy farmers of America and own a plumbing service company so that helps with fuel and wiring issues lol.
  5. dannyj74

    1978 c81 with a k181

    You are correct, After finding the electrical drawings I was able to see the where the issues were. I was pleased to her it run after setting for several years. What i found was several misplaced wiring, missing wiring the wrong ignition switch and the points where stuck. took me about a day to get it all lined out. Now Im in the process of replacing worn out parts. Is there a manual that shows interchangeability lets say a steering stem from a c81 is the same on a d80?
  6. dannyj74

    1978 c81 with a k181

    Hi new to the group. I just picked up a C81 that needs alot of tlc. The wiring harness has been butchered pretty bad. Are there any aftermarket ones I could purchase?