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  1. kainesdad

    Identifying my horse

    Well that sucks since it's a brand new ignition, so how am supposed to know if it's the correct one or not (if i go in search of another one)
  2. kainesdad

    Identifying my horse

    Ok so i wired it just like the schematic for the 855 shows and i have no fire. The only time she sparks is every time i shut the key off there is a quick spark (i a have the new plug out of it and in the plug boot laying on top of the motor)
  3. kainesdad

    Identifying my horse

    Wow you guys are all cool as hell I had to disappear for a couple days with work and all and I come back to all this info from you all and some education so I have to say thank you to everybody I'll get back with everybody as soon as I can get it figured out which shouldn't be a problem with all the help that you guys have given me once again that's awesome
  4. kainesdad

    Identifying my horse

    Yeah after downloading that file you suggested I also downloaded the chart years file and realize that things were not matching up and I'd have to agree it is not the original motor so the purpose of this supposed to begin with was putting a new ignition in needing a wiring diagram correct one for this Heinz 57
  5. kainesdad

    Identifying my horse

    I was told it's a 1968 Wheel Horse but that's it it has an 8 horse Kohler k181s spec number 30198d. Serial number a 119296. The model number on the tractor is I 3715 or 45 it's very hard to make out the model number Tag. The serial number is 554063. Has three forward gears One reverse, and I just need some help so I can order a few parts