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  1. I like racing motorcycles when I have the time and money
  2. AndyK149

    SunF G003 tires

    Thanks for the feedback. I am a little worried about the width myself. I have 9.50s on now (which I think is the OEM size and perhaps even the OEM tire on it still!) Shopping around, 23 9.50 seems to be a pretty uncommon size.
  3. AndyK149

    SunF G003 tires

    Has anyone tried these? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07CKK6Z8X/ref=crt_ewc_img_dp_2?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A19P5C5D14NV96 Seems like a decent price for a semi-aggressive tire. The tread looks similar to the Carlisle All Trails. I am struggling a bit with bald turf tires and would like something that may be able to do better turning on slopes and perhaps even plowing without chains. I have chains if needed but would prefer to stay on rubber if possible. I don't think I'm ready to go full-out with ags. Tractor is a 312-8.
  4. AndyK149

    SS blower clogged up solid tonight

    I've packed my snow blower (walk behind, not tractor mount) like that many times. It's the slushy snow; it just doesn't move through the machine well. As Ed said, you really need a plow at that point. Yay more stuff to buy!!
  5. AndyK149

    516 H for sale

    may help to add a location to the listing
  6. AndyK149

    Tail lights

    I posted a write up on LEDs in this thread: Any of the 4x2 surface mount trailer lights work well. Several are linked above. You will be happy!
  7. AndyK149

    RV Questions for national parks

    I think that's a good choice. Just keep in mind that it can be hard to find a place to leave a trailer. There are RV parks that you can use but you really have to plan ahead.
  8. AndyK149

    RV Questions for national parks

    Really great comments on here from other RV-ers and outdoor enthusiasts! My vote is for class C!
  9. AndyK149

    RV Questions for national parks

    ^ this. Almost 100% of RVs are garbage. You really have to get over that if you want to get one. Otherwise, rent. If buying a used one, how it is stored and how it was maintained is probably more important than its age. A 2 or 3 year old unit could easily be leaking and be in worse shape than an older one stored inside or covered. Most do not hold up to elements well, they are all poorly assembled, exterior parts don't hold up well to UV rays. They all take a lot of maintenance: it's a combination of a cheap vehicle, a cheap house, and it all bounces down the road! Major, major buyer beware market here. I've heard some people recommend getting a clean 3-5 year old unit vs. a new one, since all the manufacturing defects have probably been figured out by then!! It sounds like a small class C is what you want. Class Cs are good for road tripping because they are more compact than a truck+trailer or RV hauling a car. Small class Cs usually sleep you over the cab but have all the amenities you would need. Class C's are also safer for driving since they have a regular vehicle cab and chassis that has passed crash tests. Class A's are just cardboard boxes on a drive train and they do not crash well. High-end Class A diesel pushers are an exception and can be very well built but can easily be several hundred thousand $$s. I have a 30ft Toyhauler so I can echo your concerns with a having a big trailer - it is terrible for stop n go road tripping. I race motorcycles and leave the trailer at the racetrack all weekend and have the flexibility of taking my truck separately when I need to drive somewhere. So, trailers are good for some things, but bad for others. If you plan on using it a lot, RVs are truly wonderful. You can have a house anywhere! If you are planning on having it for one trip, or occasional use, it is better to rent. Otherwise you end up maintaining it more than you use it.
  10. AndyK149

    414-8 Delivered

    Haha true. None of them are desirable as an oil fountain!
  11. AndyK149

    414-8 Delivered

    Good for you! What's wrong with the K Magnum 414? 414 seems like one of the better models that was made to me? Enjoy the new tractor!
  12. AndyK149

    V-Belt Guys

    Thanks all for the suggestions. I don't have an RK or TSC near me so paying a little for shipping is cheaper than gas and time to go to one of those places
  13. AndyK149

    V-Belt Guys

    Has anyone used the V-Belt Guys site or their kevlar replacement belts? Seem to be a good price but quality is pretty important too! Thanks! www.vbeltguys.com
  14. AndyK149

    Bug-eye headlights?

    These are great if you want to use your existing headlight openings: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071VKXRQ3/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  15. AndyK149

    new member in PA

    WH fixed. I got a replacement pump on ebay. It looks like I was replacing a non-oem pump since it was also plastic. So maybe this is pump #3 for the tractor? We are back in business. Got a new grease gun which works really well. My old one always seemed to suck air in from places and need to be bled. The grease actually had nothing to do with the issue on my Husky though. The blade belt had jumped off and was stuck under the spindle. Both tractors are back in business and greased A/C seems to be a write off, so that one is going to sting.