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  1. McGrew

    I was sooooooo tempted.....

    This reminds me of the time a NASCAR team, who happened to be sponsored by an oil company, was caught pouring the competitors oil into their sponsors bottles...
  2. McGrew

    What is it?

    Garry, Thank you! I believe you hit it on the head. I had a feeling it was for stretching leather. The thumbscrew allows you to gradually apply more pressure while allowing the material to stretch. 953, I agree the thumbscrew and threads do not look period, but the threaded rod is held in place with a solid pin and may be original. I think someone did some cleaning on this thing and the thumbscrew which is cast iron may be a replacement. I only wish it were something more exciting.... Bunions? Yuck! Oh well, I also have my Grandfathers cobbler tools. He was a jack of all trades, and one of his trades was shoe repair. I can add this to his tools. Thanks! Danny
  3. McGrew

    What is it?

    My name is Danny, and I have a “drug” problem... My wife “drug” me into another antique store today. Most of the places I get drug have little that interests me, but a few of them have some old tools. I rarely buy anything that I do not see a use for, but today was different. I found this plier like tool that appears quite old, but I have no. Idea what it was designed to do. So of course I bought it! I am hoping someone can tell me what it is? It is a little over 15 inches long. The hole in one jaw is about 7/8”, and the ball is about 9/16” in diameter. The hinge is spring loaded. What do I have? It has no marking of any kind. Thanks! Danny
  4. McGrew

    69 raider 10 hh100

    I too had the carb bowl with the drain on my Techy. . I got tired of it leaking, and rather than fix it, I took it apart and plugged the hole with JB Weld. I have never used the drain, and it If ever need to drain the carb, removing the entire bowl is extremely easy. Danny
  5. McGrew

    How much weight is too much

    bcgold, I did not actually mount the tires, but yes, the tire shop lined up the dots with the valve stem. Still needed weight, but the liquid balance works better than any lead I have ever added. And, it rebalances itself every time I ride because the material does not become hard... Danny
  6. McGrew

    How much weight is too much

    Guys, This may be a little off topic, but I use a sealant/balancing liquid in my motorcycle. I had just put a set of new aluminum rims on my bike, and when I balanced them, the rear needed a couple ounces of lead... Not wanting to mess up the looks of this new wheel, I opted for a product called "Ride On" sold by my motorcycle shop. Not only does it balance the tires dynamically, but it also seals punctures. The bike never rode smoother, and since putting the product in, I have had no punctures. Maybe this stuff works as a nail repellent... I punctured 2 rear tires on this bike in 500 miles before finding Ride On. The manufacturer claims it works in all tire sizes up to tractor trailers, but I have only used it in my bike. I doubt you would want to use it to fill a tire, as it isn't cheap... I have replaced one tire due to wear since starting to use the stuff, and the rim was clean when we removed the tire. No sticky stuff at all. The Ride On was all inside the tire. Danny
  7. McGrew

    10 pinion differential

    I recently rebuilt the 10 pinion diff in my 5073. Both of the pinion carriers came out in pieces. I found a really nice pair from A-Z Tractor for a good price. They arrived at my door shortly after completing the transaction, and I have nothing but good things to say about the purchase. Danny
  8. McGrew

    Headlight Upgrade?

    Richard, Achto and Kenneth, Thank you! That is exactly what I was looking for! Richard, I had glanced at the thread you referenced above, but did not remember your headlight upgrades. I also did not comment at the time, but will now... I have to tell you, yout level of craftsmanship is second to none! I am in awe of what you did on that build. I also hope you don’t mind if I steal your idea on the guide for the brake rod linkage? Mine has the same problem, but I have yet to fix it. Thanks for the information! Danny
  9. McGrew

    Headlight Upgrade?

    Guys, I have the mechanicals on my Raider 10 to the point where it is dependable. I am going to pull the hood off soon and do some tweaking. It got a little twisted during an “off-road adventure” while under my Brother’s care... The headlights have not been hooked up in quite some time, and I plan to make them functional, but want to upgrade to LED if I can make them work in the original location. I am not interested in bolting something extra on the hood. I know I won’t be the first to do this, so what are my options? Thanks! Danny
  10. McGrew

    A Sobering Day

    Ed, we have never met, but I feel i know you through your posts, as I do with many on this site. Prayers sent for your son and his family. Cancer is hard on the family,as well as the patient. Help Mark to stay positive. Attitude is everything! Danny
  11. McGrew

    How are you doing?

    Jim, Thanks for asking! I am in the NW corner of SC, and we dodged a bullet. Originally, the forecasters predicted 10-15” of rain and winds to 60mph for our area. The storm stayed north of us, and we had gusts to around 40 mph, but the rainfall barely got to 3/4 of an inch. We had minimal damage here. The folks East of us were not so lucky... Danny
  12. McGrew

    Plastic Coated Wheel Weights

    I am 99% sure they are factory. There is a filler plug on thr back, so concrete is likely. The only reason I questioned the material inside is because I work around concrete every day. Concrete weighs 150 lb/cubic foot. These feel heavy to me based on their volume. Or, I could just be getting weak! Danny
  13. McGrew

    Plastic Coated Wheel Weights

    Thanks guys! I will have them mounted tomorrow! So they are concrete filled? I would have sworn they felt heavier?
  14. OK, Gents, I acquired these wheel weights when I inheriterd a 71 model Raider 10. I see a lot of love for the cast iron weights, but not so much for the plastic coated ones. Even though I assume they would function just as well? I do not see any marking on them anywhere, so I am guessing they are not Wheel Horse? If not, who made them? And what is inside these things? Based on their weight, they feel heavier than concrete? I am guessing they weigh around 50 lbs each? Not that it matters, but do they have any value? They are not going anywhere since I got this tractor from my Dad, and they have more sentimental value than anything else. I’m getting ready to mount them and start pushing some dirt... Thanks! Danny
  15. Tntatro, I just finished rebuilding the six speed in my tractor, and also had trouble getting those bearings out. My solution was to chuck the gear up in a lathe and carefully reduce the thickness of the bearing until it fell out. I realize most people don’t have access to a lathe, and am curious how others got their bearings out. I too tried to press them out, but due to the fact that those bearings sit on a shoulder, I could not get enough purchase on them to do anything but destroy the bearing housing. I wish you luck!