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    1975 Wheel Horse C100 With Plow and Mower Deck.

    YEAR 1975
    SERIAL NUMBER 1-0391
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    C100 YEAR 75 1-0391

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  1. stonecottage227

    Wanted - 1975 C100 Seat

    Wanted - 1975 C100 Seat - I would also consider a cover as well
  2. stonecottage227

    C100 NO START

    Thanks Guys - I will take a look at your feedback this weekend.
  3. stonecottage227

    C100 NO START

    No luck after cleaning everything up to perfection. Wondering now if clutch related as the machine can be pushed while in gear and move freely. This was not the case before the problem. What and where is the Bendix?
  4. stonecottage227

    C100 NO START

    C100YEAR 1975SERIAL NUMBER 1-0391
  5. stonecottage227

    C100 NO START

    Definitely do not have a seat safety switch..where is the clutch safety switch located.
  6. stonecottage227

    C100 NO START

    Just purchased a C100. Everything was working fine for 1 day. Got stuck in mud and pushed it out while running, Shut tractor off and went to restart. Now it just makes a noise from the starter. No Clicking, Battery is strong. Lights work when key is engaged. Turned the drive belt by hand - turns freely. Tried to jump start with no luck. I am a novice and was looking for advice. Thank you in advance.
  7. New to the board.  Just purchased my first Wheel Horse C100 1975.  Machine seems to run well.  




    1. stonecottage227


      Looking to replace the rubber boot that protects the shifting lever. 


      Also would like to purchase a Owners Manual.


      Any direction to a supplier would be helpful.  Thank you in advance.

    2. WHX21



      Start a thread in tractors and we'll help you out. All of what you seek is right here On RS.

    3. stonecottage227


      Thank you.

  8. stonecottage227

    C100 Wheel Horse

    C100 Wheel Horse