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  1. bmiller0457

    D250 mower deck(s)

    For sale 2 D250 mower decks. One in a little better shape than the other. deck 1-$250 deck 2-$350 Both decks $500
  2. bmiller0457

    D250 tiller

    For sale A d250 tiller with attachment knuckle
  3. bmiller0457

    ISO 50" or 40" Mid-Mount Grader Blade (near NJ)

    Are you still looking for a Mid Grader blade? I have a 40" for sale
  4. bmiller0457

    Custom drink cups

    Hello all, I'm the other one that got a couple cups from 19richie66 Rich you already know I think you did a spectacular job on these. Use one of mine everyday now, Really like having something handmade like that. I still like my version the best Rich You should all get one then we could all do mug shot Mondays
  5. bmiller0457

    D250 parts

    Changed Price to $1
  6. bmiller0457

    D250 parts

    I have a 1976 D250 that is a parts tractor. Let me know what you need and I'll see if it is still available. Thanks