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  1. Robbie38

    D250 for sale

    Selling my D250 going up to get the year and so forth next day or so picture is of actual machine. Not sure where to start on price i was figuring around $2,500.00 Stroudsburg, pa area 18360
  2. Robbie38

    Wheres the shows

    Love to show or do something with my D250 restored
  3. Robbie38

    Wheres the shows

    Thank u for update thats awsome im about 2.5 hours from there i have a restored d250 id love to do something with
  4. Robbie38

    Wheres the shows

    Ill see if i can find that thanks
  5. Robbie38

    Wheres the shows

    Just looking for some Schedules of shows for wheelhorse in the northeast US area Pennsylvania New Jersey New York Maryland