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  1. Bill Sherman

    1979 fuel tank leak

    No, the threaded ferrule on the bottom where the tank gets bolted to the metal frame. There are two that are molded into the plastic. I was curious if they go all the way through into the tank where it could potentially leak. I’m at work right now but I’ll take a picture of it in the morning.
  2. Bill Sherman

    1979 fuel tank leak

    I recently purchased a 1979 C161 automatic. I'm checking it over and cleaning it up. This tractor has been stored indoors it's entire life and it looks like it too. When I removed the fuel tank there was a small amount of what smelled like old gas. and it was slightly wet around the metal threaded part embedded in the plastic. I'm not sure if it is leaking ever so slightly or if gas had been spilled at some point in time. Does anybody know if the metal ferrule goes all the way through the tank or not? Thank you very much. Below is a picture of the ferrule I'm talking about. It seems to be leaking around it.
  3. Bill Sherman

    Roll pin removal

    I broke what was left of the adjustment knob off with a hammer, I melted the non-ferrous collar off and heated the metal rod cherry red. I let it cool and soaked it with Sili-kroil and it finally came out. Thank you all very much.
  4. Bill Sherman

    Roll pin removal

    Thank you very much.
  5. Bill Sherman

    Roll pin removal

    I have a mule drive with a broken plastic knob on it. I bought a new one off eBay. Any suggestions on how to get the roll pin out? I've destroyed several punches in the process so that doesn't appear to be an option. I'm open to suggestions.
  6. Bill Sherman

    Hydrostatic transmission oil filter

    Thank you very much. That was my concern.
  7. I have a 1979 C-161 automatic. What is the part number for the transmission oil filter and is there a crossover chart to show which automotive filters will work? Thank you very much.
  8. I’m just going to put Moble 1 synthetic 10w30 oil in it when I change it.
  9. It’s not that I want to change it. I had just heard some people have done it and I was curious as to why and if it was better than using oil.
  10. I have a 1979 C-161 automatic that still has 10w30 oil in it. What are the pros and cons of converting it to transmission fluid? My school of thought is if it's been working fine with oil in it then why change it? Also, it was designed to run on 10w30 so would converting it cause problems? I just wanted to hear what people who know more about Wheel Horses have to say about the subject. Any input is greatly appreciated.
  11. Bill Sherman

    417-8 choke cable

    I'd love to get my hands on a copy of that manual myself if there's any way possible. Bill
  12. Bill Sherman

    KT17 anti-icing system filter element

    Thank you very much. That helps immensely. Bill
  13. Bill Sherman

    KT17 anti-icing system filter element

    My 1986 417-8 is equipped with the anti-icing system air cleaner and I am having trouble finding the correct element for it. I have yet to even find out what is the correct part number. It is 6 inches OD and 1 7/8 high. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Bill Sherman

    417-8 choke cable

    I think you're right. I found a choke cable on eBay and the part number is 110712. From the picture I believe it will work. Like I said, the one I have has been molested beyond recognition. Thank you very much for your time. Bill
  15. Bill Sherman

    417-8 choke cable

    I have a 1986 417-8. The choke cable is not only stripped where the palnut threads on, the other end has been butchered. The parts manual lists two different numbers for the choke cable. Does anybody know the difference and how can I tell which one I need. Thank you very much.