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  1. Benz302

    Onan points / condenser part #

    I had seen that but it is for a 2929E (I have a 2929D) , is there a difference or do they use the same part ? I think I might have found the part but still not sure . I THINK it's a 160-1154 but would really like some verification on that . https://onanparts.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=172
  2. Benz302

    Onan points / condenser part #

    I've got a D-160 with a Onan engine model BF-MS/2929D that I am trying to find the points and condenser for but I just can't find the info . Does anyone know what the part numbers are or the best place to find them ? Thanks .
  3. Benz302

    42" deck belts all the same ???

    Thanks for your help , it's much appreciated !
  4. I just got a 42" deck to put under my C-160 but all the numbers are gone on the deck and I need a belt for it that goes on the spindle pulleys . Do all the 42" decks use the same belt ? If you have the correct number handy that would help . Thanks .