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  1. Tyler71

    Wheel horse parts

    Are the tire chains gone?
  2. Hey guys I’m needing to figure out 100% what attach a matic I need to mount a mid mount grader blade to my 702 all I have found is I need a MA-1 speed hitch but what years do I look for or does anyone have pictures
  3. Tyler71

    k161 Fuel pump mechanical original

    Im looking for a mechanical fuel pump for my k161 an original metal one that is rebuild able 417 459 7378 Thank you
  4. i just think i would trust mechanical more than vacuum and think just more reliable i just looked up the camshaft and shows the same with mechanical
  5. I would like to put a mechanical one on it I didn’t if the cam has a lobe for it or not
  6. Hey guys i have a 702 k161s 7hp it has the vacuum fuel pump that bolts to the case where a mechanical pump goes and i wanted to know if i could put a mechanical in place of it? Do all the camshafts have a lobe for the pump? where do you suggest i get one from i think the new ones are plastic.
  7. Tyler71

    Hub cap Wheel clips NEW

    Sorry my link didn’t post but here is a picture
  8. Hey guys just wanted to let everyone know that I found some wheel clips for my hubcaps on eBay and they fit great!!!