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  1. josephd2212

    mower deck mows uneven rows

    i know pap did hit something at some point because it has a tear on the front of the deck that I bent back into position. I had the blades off and held them up to each other but nothing seemed to be bent when comparing. I'll check their clearances throught the blade rotation and see what I come up with. Thank You!
  2. I have a 37" deck on a 414-8. I have adjusted the deck so it sits flat (did this on the garage floor). It seems to have a high spot in the middle of mow pattern. I tested this by looking back at a full cut through the middle of the lawn. Does this scream anything in particular, that may be the cause? I just received the tractor and mower, so this is the first summer to be using it.
  3. josephd2212

    Blower for bagger system

    what is the part number on these? I would be very much interested in finding one of my own!