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  1. The Tool Crib

    How to ID a Suburban Transmission/Rear End

    So exactly what year did WH go to the different two piece case?
  2. The Tool Crib

    My 953

    Very nice machine and should give you many more years of service! to !
  3. The Tool Crib

    Wheel horse 312-8

    First of all....to and second of all
  4. The Tool Crib

    1961 1962 gas tank

    I'm picking up the tractor this weekend and have to assess what I'm going to need. I'll be in touch. Thanx Randy
  5. The Tool Crib

    1961 1962 gas tank

    Would this work on a 701?
  6. The Tool Crib

    What models are these

    Hey I come up with em every now and then !!
  7. The Tool Crib

    What models are these

    Yeah it is a little butchered I will find out when I get a hold of it this weekend. I need to know if somebody out there has a dimension on it of to actually the overall length. My thought of it is somebody tried to extend it and cut it to add a section to make it fit a long frame?
  8. The Tool Crib

    312-8 Koehler engine

  9. The Tool Crib

    Valve breather assy.

    When you get done with your post go to the bottom where it says click to choose files. That should send you to your photo list and then you choose the photos .
  10. The Tool Crib

    What models are these

    This will be on my mind all week and I hope to get some things done at work! Now I have to tell the misses
  11. I think you both need to rush out and buy lottery tickets! Is this weird or what ?
  12. The Tool Crib

    What models are these

    I just spoke with the gentleman and I'm going to pick them up on Saturday. It's 100 miles away from here he said he would meet me halfway with all the equipment for 150 bucks. It also comes with a mower deck for the 857 . It has a 10 horse Tekky And he says it does still run .
  13. The Tool Crib

    Removing Winter Storm Diego

    Very cool!
  14. The Tool Crib

    What models are these

    Not sure . It might have had some damage maybe. Hoping to go look at them soon