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  1. The Tool Crib

    belly weights

    I used to work at the opry house at opryland and I loaded a ton of these on to the rails!!! eekks!
  2. The Tool Crib

    Noisy engine

    I would suspect maybe a rod by the way you are discribing it.
  3. The Tool Crib

    Just a Cubbin'

    Very nice looking tractors! These are what my father would have used growing up on our family farm in Iowa!
  4. The Tool Crib

    Looking for stuff

    Good question! Please review!
  5. The Tool Crib

    110147 deck pulley

    Actually I just did!
  6. The Tool Crib

    Toro WH 5XI engine removal

    You forgot to mention a strong back! But yes that does sound about right to me
  7. The Tool Crib

    Looking for stuff

    Hey forget it we'll never get it back!!
  8. The Tool Crib

    110147 deck pulley

    Changed Status to Closed
  9. The Tool Crib

    Looking for stuff

    I mix it all together so I can throw it all on my bench. It's the thrill of the hunt! lol
  10. The Tool Crib

    Looking for stuff

  11. The Tool Crib

    310-8 hiccup

    Yeah Dave I agree with you ethanol free is the way to go. I run nothing but ethanol free and all my small engines.
  12. The Tool Crib

    Decal removal?

    I am with majority .... HEAT
  13. The Tool Crib

    tie pod boots

    What about using heat shrink?
  14. The Tool Crib

    H60 starter PN 33606

    I have a starter off a Tecumseh H60 in good working condition. I'll take 45+ shipping.