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  1. jachady

    C-125 custom with Tiller

    Ok, I am willing to accept offers. I would like to sell this here to a member who can appreciate it.
  2. jachady

    C-165 Automatic with plow

    Changed Status to Closed
  3. jachady

    C-160 Automatic with plow

    Changed Status to Closed
  4. jachady

    C-165 Automatic with plow

    SOLD!!! Thanks Wheel Horse forum.
  5. Rusty and trusty. Excellent solid tractor that has never let me down. Comes with plow and chains. Has very bright LED corner lights for night plowing. 16 horse Kohler. Let me know if you have questions or want different photos.
  6. I used this to plow my driveway of the house I sold last year. Its been sitting ever since. I jump started it today and it fired right up. Selling complete, tractor, plow, chains, weights. Strong running 16 horse Kohler. Let me know if you have any questions or need some more photos.
  7. jachady

    C-125 custom with Tiller

    Selling my custom worker. C-125 8 speed with tiller. Filled front tires, weights in custom front attach-matic mount. I used this tractor solely for tilling, as such it has a few dings, marks, etc on it. Still in excellent condition. Motor is strong, trans works fine. Tiller tines are getting worn but still works well. One of the seat pan mounting tabs recently broke. Feel free to ask questions. I can get more pictures if needed.
  8. jachady

    A-65 Elec-trac

    I can pallet it and have access to a forklift. A couple of local transport companies are Fort Transportation and W&A Distribution. Both in Fort Atkinson.
  9. The Custom is the one I'm keeping. I am going to have a snowblade and a blower painted up to match it for my new endeavor. I'll still be on here watching and reading as I really like these tractors.
  10. I'm not sure what frame the tractor is for this project. But I flipped the front axle so it sits really raked. The hood is from a B series so its shorter and has louvers. The best part is the engine. Its an Acme diesel engine. It was on a walk behind tiller and has tons of torque. Engine does run. It is not mounted on the tractor yet. This project has a long way to go. Basically I am selling the engine, the rest comes with it.
  11. jachady

    Tiller #2 - rear mount

    Rear flap missing. Labeled as New Holland, thats why its black but is the same as Wheel Horse rear mount tiller. Tines are like brand new. I used this tiller for tilling 10 gardens when my normal tiller had a pulley failure. Mid pulley available for $50 extra.
  12. jachady

    Tiller - rear mount

    Rusty but functional. Tines are fair to good. Mid pulley available for extra $50.
  13. Hey guys, I haven't been a regular on here for a while but I'm hoping you guys can help me find a good home for most of my stuff. I am moving from my half acre lot to a downtown, 2nd story apartment. I'm only going to have room for one tractor (I volunteered to do snow removal of the 4 parking spots) and I will still be doing my spring roto-tilling. I will be putting everything I have in the classified section. I will be selling 5 tractors, multiple decks, snow plow, tillers, hay rake, motors and shelves of spare parts.
  14. jachady

    16 Automatic

    This 16 Automatic runs and operates. Charging system does not work so you need a good battery. I scavenged the coil but will get one for it. The rear attachment will stay but the mid-pulley for the tiller is not included. Not a beautiful tractor but with a little work, its ready to be a work horse.
  15. jachady

    A-65 Elec-trac

    Mower works well. Sometimes the switch to operate the mower motors won't stay on so you have to hold it. Onboard charger does not work. I have 3 good batteries so you can try it before you buy it. Batteries are not included but are negotiable.