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  1. Machineguy

    Mrs. Pullstart

    That’s a terrible way to cut anything! I’ll come remove that knee mill with DRO for free and toss in a much more sensible sawzall!! Lol
  2. Machineguy

    New around here!

    Wish I had my grandfathers machine! So tell me, do you own the Model B or 18 Ford with the flathead V8 caps sitting next to your Wheel Horse? Look in the Other Brands section here for Cub related material. The Other Brands topic here is better than most entirely brand dedicated forums! This is the best litte tractor community there is in my opinion.
  3. Machineguy

    Sears Bankruptcy

    I stopped buying Sears when the quality of Pittsburgh and MIT wrenches and hand tools at Harbor Frieght became as good as Craftsman wrenches. I couldn’t afford Snap-On or Mac as a teenager and young man and Crafstman is all I’d buy. As soon as a comparable alternative for less came around I jumped ship. Us working stiffs have to stretch a dollar anyway we can. Still just sad to see them fold though.
  4. Machineguy

    Sears Bankruptcy

    I miss the Sears quality of old. Seems like once the yuppie bean counter group got in control they threw away quality for profit. Sad to see an American Company go belly up. But when you can buy comparable quality hand tools at Harbor Frieght for half the price, game over. Brand name alone won’t keep a things afloat nowadays. People will pay for quality but if it’s not there, people will seek a better deal. Management of many corporate structures have lost touch with the end user of products. Such is the case with Sears and their power and tooling products. That’s my opinion on their demise.
  5. Machineguy

    Sundstrand In-Line Hydro Purchase

    @bcgold Thanks for all all the tips and procedures! Great stuff!
  6. Machineguy

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    My short frame big block Kohler WH700 is on hold unfortunately. Long work hours and other priorities have sidelined my little horse.
  7. Machineguy

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    This forum is the best! Folks having fun with tractors mixed with great tech and personable interaction!
  8. Machineguy

    Sundstrand In-Line Hydro Purchase

    Good DIY tech here! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Machineguy

    Other brand pictures.

    Cool! I’m not very familiar the White product line. Thanks for sharing!!
  10. Machineguy

    What kind of wheel weights are these

    @BMW1 I’m just poking at you a bit. I’d figure out the weight and do a comparative analysis on Craigslist in your locality. Then base value off the average. Weights are always sought after just a matter of size. That said, I’m still open for a donation
  11. Machineguy

    What kind of wheel weights are these

    @BMW1 Those are toxic weights that must be disposed of properly. I can send you my address for a free and proper disposal at no cost to you. @pfrederi got it right! Well fitting weights are weights. I’m still open to donations however. Lol
  12. You mean I’m wrong?
  13. Machineguy

    Hit and Miss garden tractor Build

    @mhlmeader You might try 50/50 Acetone and Trans fluid to loosen it. I’ve found this mixture in a spray bottle far better than over the counter penetrating oils. Patience is a key with it though. AN oxy/acytlyene rosebud would put enough heat with the gear puller. That’s just not a tool most have though. Could be worth taking the Stover to a shop with those capabilities just for that.