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  1. farmer

    Anyone for squash

    I took this pic last Sunday and then promptly forgot to post it, Queensland blue. Eight segments, two were plenty for three of us amongst other veg. Froze the rest, fresh or frozen they taste gorg.
  2. farmer

    Anyone for squash

    @AMC RULES and @T-Mo It must perhaps be a peculiarity of the UK?but our press tends to use headlines which can be interpreted several ways (as an attention grabber) so it’s rubbed off. Anywho here’s a pic for @stevasaurus of tonight’s specimen for roasting. Just de seed and peel!
  3. farmer

    Anyone for squash

    @stevasaurus I can report on three varieties, Thelma Sanders (Missouri) is a good one to halve, de seed and stuff with mince etc and bake. We found in previous years however that it doesn’t store very well, so they will be first for the table. Queensland blue (Queensland Aus) has a very dense orange flesh which is really sweet, the skin is quite tough (need a good knife) we’ve tried it roasted and had a soup. Should store longer hopefully. Blue banana (Guatemala) is my wife’s favourite so far, not quite as sweet and very easy to prepare as the skin is thin you end up with a ring of roasted squash on your plate. I don’t think it’ll keep well however. Victor also known, believe it or not as “Red warty thing” (Massachusetts) we haven’t tried yet, I think the skin is so tough I could need a chainsaw. They should last well in store so something to look forward to later in the winter/spring.
  4. farmer

    Loading Shovel

    @Tractorhead have you posted pictures of your loader? It sounds interesting especially as it’s aluminium! I think i misunderstood your question, did you mean how much will mine lift? If so I haven’t actually tested it with weights. I have picked up this lawn roller full of water without sitting in the seat, so I’ll guess with a driver 200/250kg?
  5. farmer

    Loading Shovel

    @Tractorhead I must admit I haven’t measured the machines vital statistics but guessing I’d say lift height to the buckets cutting edge.. maybe 6’ 6”. When it comes to weight.. ‘HEAVY’ I could just lift the subframe/towers, the loader boom pluse the rams would be about the same and then there’s the bucket, again I could just about pick that up. I feel like saying I’ve doubled the original tractor weight, if not, it’s close. (probably the reason the hyro overruns)
  6. farmer

    Loading Shovel

    Hi pullstart, l don’t think adding weight would make a lot of difference because as soon as you pressure the bucket down, the weight comes off however much you add. On a normal tractor pressuring the loader down makes the driving wheels dig in more.
  7. farmer

    Loading Shovel

    How do all, l made a short video awhile back but for some reason (me I suspect) it wouldn’t load. I will try again soon or maybe use YouTube whichever works. There is one major disadvantage to my design and one little ‘niggle’ that I’m going to have to live with. The niggle is the hyro over runs, I’m having to squeeze down on the backwards pedal to slow down going forwards and vice versa when in reverse, I’ve got the hang of it but it’s not perfect by any means. The major disadvantage is unless your lifting or crowding as you load the bucket, you break traction and spin the wheel. This isn’t a problem most of the time as I’m loading dung off a concrete floor and can keep the driving wheels loaded down. But say you wanted to grade a surface you would struggle to stop the wheels from spinning, in that type of situation a tractor loader would be much better tool. But for my needs it fits the bill, one other thing, I’m really surprised how heavy the steering is with or without a loaded bucket, the seating position and oil tank all add up I suppose.
  8. farmer

    Anyone for squash

    The weather person is forecasting frost soon so.. time to harvest. Not sure what I’m going to do with this lot, early Christmas presents perhaps. Thelma Sanders Blue banana Queensland blue Victor Thelma Sanders is a favourite of ours the others are new this year, time to find out if they taste any good !!
  9. farmer

    The best things in life are FREE

    One owner machine from new! free! he’s not a colleague, he’s a friend!!
  10. farmer

    Frame capability

    I’d say if it’s just a crack anyone who is competent with a welder should be able to make the repair, if it is then plated it will be better than original.
  11. farmer

    Slat Moldboard Plow

    First slatted mouldboard of that size I’ve seen, quite popular on farm sized ploughs (at least in Europe) great if you have sticky soils. No good I’m afraid for digging potatoes.
  12. farmer

    Ploughing with a drag plough.

    Unique set up, how did it balance up when raised out of work? I’m guessing ransomes plough for a ransomes crawler, quite a test for a wheel horse. Nice.
  13. farmer

    New to me, 312 8

    You have chosen.....wisely, a great tractor for use in the garden, looks like a smart machine you’ve got and with low hrs too. As you say, get the rear hitch for plough etc and your ready for action. (keep an eye out for some rear wheel weights as they make a big difference when working the soil).
  14. farmer

    Best model for garden plowing, tilling?

    312-8 is my choice, I would definitely recommend a manual gear drive and make sure you get one with a high/low box. Manual lift with dial a height gives you much better control of implement depth.
  15. I have an SK486I want to know if I can add electric lift