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  1. farmer

    Anyone for squash

    The weather person is forecasting frost soon so.. time to harvest. Not sure what I’m going to do with this lot, early Christmas presents perhaps. Thelma Sanders Blue banana Queensland blue Victor Thelma Sanders is a favourite of ours the others are new this year, time to find out if they taste any good !!
  2. farmer

    The best things in life are FREE

    One owner machine from new! free! he’s not a colleague, he’s a friend!!
  3. farmer

    Frame capability

    I’d say if it’s just a crack anyone who is competent with a welder should be able to make the repair, if it is then plated it will be better than original.
  4. farmer

    Slat Moldboard Plow

    First slatted mouldboard of that size I’ve seen, quite popular on farm sized ploughs (at least in Europe) great if you have sticky soils. No good I’m afraid for digging potatoes.
  5. farmer

    Ploughing with a drag plough.

    Unique set up, how did it balance up when raised out of work? I’m guessing ransomes plough for a ransomes crawler, quite a test for a wheel horse. Nice.
  6. farmer

    New to me, 312 8

    You have chosen.....wisely, a great tractor for use in the garden, looks like a smart machine you’ve got and with low hrs too. As you say, get the rear hitch for plough etc and your ready for action. (keep an eye out for some rear wheel weights as they make a big difference when working the soil).
  7. farmer

    Best model for garden plowing, tilling?

    312-8 is my choice, I would definitely recommend a manual gear drive and make sure you get one with a high/low box. Manual lift with dial a height gives you much better control of implement depth.
  8. I have an SK486I want to know if I can add electric lift 


  9. farmer

    Manure spreader

    The 512D is a bit of a strange one, it’s basically a 312-8 with a 8 1/2 hp diesel. Because I own both tractors and have done the same jobs with each of them I can testify that the 512D just shades the 312 (magnum) That 8 1/2 hp Robin feels about 14 hp, great fuel economy but noisy.
  10. With two horses (legged versions) at my place I have a regular supply of fertilizer to deal with, until now dealing with it was a tractor-trailer, hand loading/unloading job. Last autumn however, after a long wait searching upay, this spreader appeared. I think I got lucky, had to pick it up from central Wales, around a 5-6 hour round trip but it was worth it. At approximately a third the price of new and in really good condition, I’m a happy bunny. Only had a couple of things to do to it, the bed chain and the ratchet pawl. Here are a few statistics, 27 cu ft capacity or 1/2 ton (wet material) I’m confident that the tractor with handle it, just use a bit of common sense with ground conditions.
  11. I know this post is a little off topic, but I thought it would start to ‘round up’ the thread. I teased that the loader was stage one, well here’s stage two (part of the reason for my hitch modification). Two bucketfuls and there’s a load. Now we’re farming! Bought this little beauty last November, I’ll post about it in more detail in Implements. This last picture shows the ID tag, I thought it was lost, but after a good rummage it turned up. Hopefully JB weld will do the trick. A video is planned.
  12. farmer

    Bit of a sad day

    These two came at Easter as weaners (6 weeks), never kept pigs before at the farm or in the garden and I have to say, I’m gonna miss ‘em. I know I’ll console myself with a freezer full of meat, but they are fun to have around. Today was setting up the trailer and getting them used to it ready for their date with destiny tomorrow morning.
  13. farmer

    Big accumulation = ploughing

    Patients loader fans.
  14. farmer

    Big accumulation = ploughing

    Hi Pete it’s a 512D, I think it’s the only wheel horse model with a Diesel engine. Robin DY41.
  15. Amazing how helpful these tractors are! Could just do with a loader now...hold on a mo.