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  1. These used to be my grandpa's wheel horses and when I was a kid I remember seeing him plow his garden with this behind the wheel horse. Not sure if he fabricated it from other plows, as he was very handy. I always just assumed it was a WH implement.
  2. So short story i should just keep it in case one of mine decide to go out or use it as parts!
  3. Guys, I have an earth plow for year 1964 -1966 wheel horse. I'm not sure the desire or value of these, as I do not have much of a use for it for my two wheel horse's. Is this worth selling via shipping (on-line) or will it just have to be a local pick-up sale do to shipping weight cost. What do you all think?
  4. I have what I believe is a Wheelhorse transmission from a 1964 -1966. Is this worth selling via shipping? I'm not sure on the value or desire for these parts, as I don't know if it is worth it to post online or just sell local, as I imagine that the shipping cost will be quite high because of its weight. What do you all think?
  5. Sorry for the delay guys, but I did end up with a good fix! Went to O'Reilly's and they had a slotted 7-5/8" belt and works great! I'm two cuts in and hasn't slipped once yet! Here's some pics....
  6. I will keep you all up to date. I am going to be trouble shooting it tomorrow, to see if I can find the problem / solution!
  7. Right On! Thanks for the tips!
  8. Has anyone experienced the mower drive/pto belt (part number 1577 replaced by 7430) (1/2" x 28") start to slip and squeal with the spindle belts not too tight and cutting normal grass height? Has anyone bought a smaller drive/pto belt so it fits tighter? Or should I just buy a couple of these belts and just keep going through them. The one slipping now is only about 2 months old. Any suggestions are welcome!
  9. SIUC3

    1966 Wheel Horse 856 Belt Sizes

    Right on! Thanks guys!
  10. SIUC3

    1966 Wheel Horse 856 Belt Sizes

    Awesome! Thanks for the help Garry!
  11. I have done some research and I just want to double check I will be getting the correct belt sizes for my 856. I need to replace all the belts (Trans Belt) (1st Mower Drive Belt) (2nd Mower Deck Drive belt pair) 1st Mower Drive Belt is - Toro 7430 Replaces 1577 (4L x 28") 1/2" x 28" 2nd Mower Drive Belt (pair) - Toro 1578 (3L x 37") 3/8" x 37" Trans belt - I couldn't find this one, but from the original parts list it is listed as 1576? Any info or help is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Scott