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  1. TonyWH520H

    1989 520h with deck, plow, tiller and disc

    I do not know at this point and I do not have the time to figure it out or the money to spend on it. Just going to sell it and find a cheaper riding mower. I'm moving and am not doing as much to the yard as I planned when I bought it.
  2. I have a Toro 520h for sale. It is not running currently. Used it all this season until the last cut. It isn't getting spark anymore. Dont feel like messing with it any further. Has new plugs and an electric fuel pump. New belt on the deck and pto. Have an extra of each I think. Also have a belt for the tiller. No tiller attachment. It is attached and on the lift. It will also come with a rear disc, a hitch and a front plow. It is a good worker and served its purpose. Make me the best offer and come and get it. Will post pictures later today.
  3. TonyWH520H

    Rear disc

    Yes I do.
  4. TonyWH520H

    Rear disc

    I have a rear disc that I got with my 520h, I dont think I will ever use it. I am open to selling it or trading it if no one wants to buy it. Im open to almost anything really. Wheel or related or not. I have a 1989 520H. I need a mid mount idler, a idler belt and possible some electronics for it. I will figure out what I need this weekend or next. Also open to tools or anything really. Will post good pictures of it in a day or two.
  5. TonyWH520H

    Rear disc

    I am no more than half an hour from Myrtle beach with traffic. I travel to myrtle beach for work actually. The tiller is not for sale. I am looking to find a idler for the tiller so I can use it. My email is paulhausejr@gmail.com will answer any questions you have.
  6. TonyWH520H

    Rear disc

    Are the Brinley discs a better version? Any way to tell what brand this one is?
  7. TonyWH520H

    Rear disc

    Not the best picture but it’s all I have right now. Will grab more if someone is interested.
  8. TonyWH520H

    Rear disc

    I have a rear disc that came with my 520h. I don’t know if I will ever use it or not. Figured I would offer it up for sale. I can get pictures of it later today and send them or update the add. If the price is not reasonable for it please let me know. I’m very new to the wheel horse deals. I would also consider trades for it. I have an 89 520h. I need a mid mount idler, a tiller belt and some smaller items for the tractor. Am willing to ship ir if you are willing to pay, I work at a dealership and can do a freight box for a decent price.
  9. TonyWH520H

    1989 520h hydraulic lift not working

    That’s great. Thank you for this. It seems to be a pretty effective design. I will start working on one this weekend.
  10. TonyWH520H

    1989 520h hydraulic lift not working

    how Much would the lift assist spring hinder the usage? I don’t have the he spring on there, would that stop it from lifting at all? Typically how loud are the hydraulics? Would I be able to hear if they are working?
  11. TonyWH520H

    1989 520h hydraulic lift not working

    I have t tried it on the deck yet. The machine I got came with a tiller and a disc for the rear. I finished mowing the brush in the back and attached the tiller to find out the lift doesn’t work. I topped off the fluid and let it warm up(even after so then 1/2 acre yard) and still nothing. I might throw the deck back on it and see if I get it to work for that. On another note. Is there a sticky that shows how to make some pullies for the tiller pto belt? I haven’t been able to find one anywhere as of yet and figured it wouldn’t be hard to make.
  12. Hello. I have finally gotten some use out of my 520H. I found that the hydros aren’t working and was hoping to get some info on how the system works. What typically goes wrong with them? Where do I change the fluid out at? On this model, does it lift the mower deck? Or is it a rear lift? Posted a picture of the tag.